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Studio Tuesday: Pay What You Want!



I continually need to remind myself that just because I this isn’t “serious” art, doesn’t mean it isn’t important. I have so much fun playing with colour. And as my wonderful friend Lindsay Murdoch reminded me, FUN IS IMPORTANT.

1. Today only, send me a message telling me how you have fun, or any other thoughts on fun.

2. What is your offer? (Shipping and handling are extra).

3. I will contact you tomorrow!

“Now is the Time”, acrylic on canvas, 10″ x 10″.


Painting Auction: Loved

"Loved", 4" x 6"

“Loved”, 4″ x 6″

I painted live on Periscope today, which was great fun – I really enjoyed interacting with others while creating! You can watch all of my broadcasts here.

I will be selling this painting by Karma Auction. Details are below!

Send an email to magknit[at]telus.net telling me:

1. What you have done to take care of yourself this week.

2. The amount you wish to offer for the painting (minimum $40).

Some things I would like you to know:

  • you have until midnight MST tomorrow, August 26, to send me the e-mail
  • I sell other paintings of this size for $100
  • shipping is included

Once I choose who will receive the painting, I will contact you with details about payment methods.

Much love,

The Trees Never Ask For Attention

This dichotomy exists in me: I want to be seen, and I don’t want anyone to see me. Do trees feel the same?

"The Trees never ask for attention", 20" x 20" $600

“The Trees never ask for attention”, 20″ x 20″ $600


“The Trees Never Ask For Attention”, 20″ x 20″
$600 (half price $300 + S/H)

Love My Fear

I’ve been facing my fears, then running from them, attaching myself to the rainbows. I’ve been told the rainbows don’t exist without the shadows and darkness. 

Love my Fear” 10″ x 10″. 

Half price today only ($150 + shipping).  

I Seek

My now 14-year old daughter asked me today, “Mom, how can I stop comparing myself to girls who are skinny?” And so it begins… The goal to accept, love, validate and approve of myself is often a difficult struggle- I find these days, more than ever before, the child in me is seeking these things CONSTANTLY. It feels like insanity. 

“Seek”, Pussy Series #2

$30 each, $100 for the set

Studio Tuesday: Classes!

Here are a few of my new offerings coming up. Hope to see you at one or both!



Belinda Fireman and Wolf Willow Studio present a romantic evening of appreciative, fun, adoration and art for the most deserving and important person in your life – YOU!

REGISTER HERE: http://wolfwillowstudio.ca/new-products/self-love-365

Based on Belinda’s compelling 365 art projects, this accomplished artist will share her annual endeavor to shine more light on her soul via easy, colorful, meaningful practice. After an informal presentation and demonstration from Belinda, students will be creating their very own “inchie” art pieces that reflect and acknowledge their own beauty! (Absolutely no artistic experience is required to love!)

Our Self Love Valentines celebration will be complete with the addition of a selection of beautiful teas and chocolate from local proprietor, Naked Leaf Teas and maybe even some special gifts and surprises!

Please learn more about Belinda and Self Love 365 here: https://belindafireman.wordpress.com/2014/12/29/selflove365-almost-done/

Please bring: Your commitment and favourite drawing supplies. This workshop is open to everyone wanting a little more self-love in their lives, including younger participants. Ages 10 and older please.

Conscious Investment: Includes supplies, treats, support and LOVE!

$35.00 online registration, or $40.00 at the door.

REGISTER HERE: http://wolfwillowstudio.ca/new-products/self-love-365

*Space is limited! If not registering online, please confirm your attendance to create@wolfwillowstudio.ca

“Do I love myself? I wasn’t sure with the voices in my head telling me otherwise. With the hopes of growing more compassion and gentleness towards myself, I chose to commit to a practice of drawing one thing every day that I love about myself”. –Belinda Fireman


Creative Curiosity

Creative Curiosity: Discover your spark!

Would you like to paint/dance/write/draw or create with a greater sense of connection to yourself and your creative source? Have you always wanted to create, but have been unsure of where to place your first steps? Are you one of those people who says, “I can’t draw”, or “I can’t paint”? Maybe you’re an experienced artist feeling blocked or stale or stuck somehow? Are you craving an opportunity to boost your creative flow?

Join me for a one-day immersion in my Creative Curiosity process. We will use painting, writing, drawing, and more to drop into working with the abundant creative source that is already within you.

This workshop will include:

  • all art supplies
  • potluck lunch
  • a safe and supportive space in which to create
  • lots of love and fun!

What to bring:

  • an apron or clothes that can get painted
  • an item for our shared meal and snacks throughout the day (please inform me of any allergies or food sensitivities you have (along with the level of severity).
  • water bottle
  • any art supplies or sketchbooks you enjoy using
  • your curiosity
  • wonderful, beautiful you!

Where: My home studio in Springbank Hill, SW Calgary, near Westhills.

Art and community are two very important things, and so often in our day to day lives, we just don’t get enough. Spending time with Belinda and a community of lovely ladies for the sole purpose of expressing our creativity was like a breath of fresh air. Tapping into a part of myself that’s often overlooked and neglected reminded me of how fun and nourishing it can be to just play. I would recommend a workshop with Belinda if you’re feeling creatively stifled, a little stuck in life, or just needing some fresh perspective. It’s fun and Belinda guides you through any emotions or questions that may come up for you throughout the process. I left feeling a little lighter, and a lot more creative!” – Lana

Belinda has an energy about her that draws you in…coupled with her obvious enthusiasm about art and dance, the outcome is magical. I found myself motivated, restored and ready to take on more creative projects!” – Christy

If you have any questions about the Creative Curiosity workshop or process, please don’t hesitate to connect with me.
I look forward to experiencing your Creative Curiosity!
With love,

$99 for Creative Curiosity: Discover your Spark! 1-day workshop
Saturday, February 7, 2015
10:00am – 3:00 pm

Register here for Creative Curiosity: https://belindafireman.wordpress.com/classes-other-fun-stuff/

Studio Tuesday!

You may have noticed (or maybe not) that I haven’t been blogging much in the last 4 months. We were having our house renovated, and it was, overall, a great experience, but left little time for blogging. Anyway, I now have a real studio, with electricity and everything!! Here are a couple photos from downstairs – you may notice how white it still is. I was having trouble breaking it in, but finally did it today – there are now paint drips on the walls and floor!



While we were out of the house, friends of mine graciously lent me their basement to use as a temporary studio space. This is the painting that I gave to them in gratitude for their generosity!


Here are a few paintings that left my studio space last year, without me talking about them. I made the first one for my friend Harold at Gorilla House. When I arrived that night to give it to him, a woman who was visiting GH fell in love with the painting, so I sold it to her and made Harold the new one you see below the first!



Here are a couple of paintings that are hanging around the studio – they are looking for new homes, but I have yet to make listings for them. If you are interested in any, just let me know.




Studio Tuesday

Here are some recent works in progress!





I worked on this one today. I’m feeling like it’s almost finished, but I am going to let it sit for a bit, and see how I feel about it next time I head down to the studio. I know that when I am not completely sure, it’s probably not done. On the other hand, when I leave a painting for long enough, I sometimes get used to how it looks, and it becomes done (like the one on the ground in the photo, with the squares!).


How do you know when you are done?

Studio Tuesday