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Flashback Friday: 1989

I really felt like working in a Flashback Friday today because I am super excited to go watch “Breakin'” today with my friend Eden. Granted, it’s from 1984, but hey, the 80’s are the 80’s. Here’s a shot of me from 1989 at Niagra Falls. Fashion of the times: acid-wash jean jacket (ugh!), flood pants, penny loafers, and LeSportsac purse. Wow. Just, wow.

Scan 4

From the cassette vault: “Standing in the Shower…Thinking”, by Jane’s Addiction. A classic album, and listening to it today, I realize that I still only have it on cassette. iTunes, here I come.


Flashback Friday: 1988

Yes, it’s been awhile since my Flashback Friday posts! When I stopped doing them, several people asked me why I wasn’t doing them anymore- I was really surprised how many people enjoyed them, since I didn’t hear from them at the time. So, here you go, another flashback, to 1988.

Here I am with my first boyfriend, at National Music Camp (where I was taking lots of drawing courses), in Interlochen, MI. I remember being really shy at the time. One of my fondest memories of him is the time he sat and watched me draw for an hour.


There’s not much to say about the ’88 fashion in this shot: I took off my enormous glasses for the photo, obviously big hair, Ked-style shoes, and pastel Swatch watch.

From the cassette vault: “Never Let Me Down Again” by Depeche Mode, from the album Music for the Masses. This was the song of the summer for me. I even made a drawing (a really, really, REALLY bad drawing) out of it.

Flashback Friday: 2004

This is our little family before we ever considered having a third child. The photo was taken in Manchester, England, at my hubby’s brother’s wedding. For our daughters, it was the first of many stints as flower girls!


From the music vault: “It’s My Life” by No Doubt. And for those of you who are too young to know that this is a cover, I’ve also included the original by Talk Talk (which I still love, from 1984).

Flashback Friday: 2003

I don’t have anything to say about the photo or the video. Just enjoy your weekly flashback, because there won’t be one next week!

Flashback Friday: 1994

It was a fun Halloween in 1994, with me as the vampire and J.P. as my female victim. This was during the year that I lived in Vancouver, doing an “unclassified” year at U.B.C., taking art, art history, Italian, and anthropology. A fun school year, aside from the eventual break-up of our relationship in June of the following year. Don’t worry, we fell in love again a year after that, got married, had three kids, and we’re still going strong!

From the CD vault: Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden. If that’s too heavy for you, I’ve included the swing version by Paul Anka (2005), too!

Flashback Friday: 2007

It may not feel that long ago, but it sure looks it! The kids were tiny! I love this shot of all of us.

I couldn’t resist using this one! I love the Billy Idol sneer, the robe, the cheeks, everything!

I think the only pictures of JP and I are in the airport! And look: braids!!

From the CD vault: “Meet your Master” by Nine Inch Nails. This is from the album “Year Zero”, which according to Wikipedia “is a concept album that criticizes contemporary policies of the United States government by presenting a dystopian vision of the year 2022”. I never looked this up before today, but I have listened to the album countless times, all the way through, and was aware of the storyline through the songs. It is such a powerful album, and you probably already know about my love for Trent Reznor’s music, but I am constantly struck by his ability to make industrial music beautiful. There is always something in it that sends a chill down my spine. In this song, it is around 2:48, where the strings come in behind the screechy guitar (ok, I’m sure it’s all electronic, but you know what I mean). I would suggest listening to the whole song, though, not just that part. Never mind that, get that album. It’s pretty rare that I like an entire album all the way through.

“In this Twilight” is the second to last song on the album. This song is pure genius. Another great example of the mixing of industrial sounds with incredible melody. It was the final song played at the concert I went to several years ago, and such a moving way to end it.

Flashback Friday: 1999

I love looking at these photos of the two of us B.C. (before children). They are always a good reminder to have fun, take it easy, and really enjoy each other!

From the CD vault: “Let Forever Be” by the Chemical Brothers. Those of you who have watched (and remember) my favorite movie will no doubt recognize the very Xanadu-esque special effects going on in this video. I’m loving it!

Flashback Friday: 2005

I love this picture of the two of us in Nova Scotia. We had a great trip, and didn’t know, until we were back in Calgary, that I was already pregnant with our son. I realize going back 7 years isn’t much of a flashback, but I have almost used all of my years at least once (except for the earlier 70’s).

From the mp3 vault: Toxic by Britney Spears, just cuz I like the video. I have always been a closet-B.S. fan, until now. In my defense, I only like a handful of her songs. That doesn’t make it any better, though, does it…

Flashback Friday: 1990

According to the back of this photo, this is “Me & Poo-poo Face”. Apologies to my brother, Nathan! Cute, hey? Nathan and I have a very unique sibling relationship. He is 15 years younger, so we never had an argument until he hit his 20’s [We were arguing about whether or not I had introduced him to “Ender’s Game”. I had completely forgotten having ever read it, until about an hour after our fight. My mom, who was with us in the car, wanted us to stop fighting, but we were having fun having our first fight, like, ever!]

I have fond memories of drawing with him and dancing on my bed, and explaining the birds and the bees. We have a verbal “handshake” of sorts that really can’t be explained- you just have to see it. We used to add to it every time we saw each other, but it’s just too long for that now!

Fashion of the times: gold chain, boondoggle bracelet and Swatch watch!

From the cassette vault: “Beers, Steers & Queers” by the Revolting Cocks. Classic.

Flashback Friday: 1985

Ugh. That’s pretty much all I have to say about this shot. I’ll also tell you that it was taken at Camp Wahanowin, where fashion comes first. Or at least, it did when I was there. It was all about the clothes. I’m sitting here shaking my head… sometimes it’s painful to look back on the superficiality of the teenage years. Especially when I was so NOT the cool kid (but since I was best friends with a cool kid, I wasn’t a complete outcast).

From the cassette vault: oh man, do I have to pick? There are so many great songs from that year! This reconfirms my belief that the 80’s kicked ass, musically, if not hair-ally (see above). I’ll pick the one that probably made the biggest impression on me, and was (and still is) a wickedly cool video: “Take on Me” by a-ha. In case you didn’t know, a-ha was still making music as of 2009, and some of it is pretty good. I haven’t heard the last 2 albums, but Lifelines, and Minor Earth Major Sky are really decent. And by the way, I still want to be the girl in this video!