Beating out the sad.

I get into a cycle of shame when I try to beat myself out of sad and into gratitude. Constantly need to relearn that each feeling has its place, and needs to be felt. It can’t be beaten out of me with gratitude.

Painting with lots of colour helps me to keep going. The not-good-enough story is working hard to perpetuate itself today. I need to get under the sun.

I want you to have this painting. Make me an offer. ❤️

Selflove365: Year 4, Day 3


Selflove365: Year 4, Day 2 


Something new..

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted any sort of project. I’m trying something new, telling myself 30 days- that’s how scared I am of it. Want to join me? 

Another one ready to go!

Another one is ready to go! ❤️

Today only: $150 (instead of $760) +shipping/handling. 

This is one of my favourites- I had help from two little humans when I began painting it. 

“Innocents”, 24″x30″

Let me know in the comments if it’ll be coming home to you! 

SelfLove365: Birth & The Best

SelfLove365, Year 3, Day 82: Birth


SelfLove365, Year 3, Day 83: The Best


SelfLove365: Little Girl, & Capable.

SelfLove365, Year 3, Day 80: Little Girl


SelfLove365, Year 3, Day 81: Capable