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Perfectionism doesn’t die easily.

If at all. Lots of thinking during my last day at the beach. Not all of it on paper yet, though.


SelfLove365 :: Almost Done!


Only four days left of SelfLove365! I began this project on Jan 1 of this year, drawing a 1″ x 1″ square of something I love (or like, or tolerate accept) about myself with the hope of loving myself by the end of the year.


It’s been a tremendous journey. I’ve learned many things along the way. One is: why do I need to love myself in the first place? Another: if I am loving myself, who is the “I” doing the loving, and who is being loved? Yet another: I can not be described by any one thing. I am all things, at different times. We all are.

Doing something creative on a daily basis has brought so many benefits into my life; because I am being creative everyday, I wasn’t once hard on myself for not being creative, even when I hadn’t painted during a two week period. Also, the daily practice gave me a sense of accomplishment and committment, even while I let go of other major commitments in my life (mainly, my marriage). I was also asked to teach a SelfLove365 class earlier in the year, and I jumped in, even though I haven’t taught a class before. It was a great experience, and has given me the courage to leap into other ventures. This class led me to also start a SelfLove365 Facebook group (please join us and share your projects!)


I am ready (and scared) to begin my new 365 project. I am going to tackle writing (this feels challenging to me, that’s why!) with the focus again on SelfLove. Each day, I will write an entry based on the square that I drew for that day in 2014. My ultimate goal here is to create a SelfLove365 Book. Ack! Scary! This is the only way I can think of to commit to it. I have had “write SelfLove365 book” on my To Do List for the past 5 months or so, and nothing has really happened! I look forward to starting on January 1st, and to receiving your encouragement and support in this project (Please! Thanks!).


Happy New Year everyone!


SelfLove365: Day 241
My brain is a jumble, like it usually is after vacation, and there is so much to do and catch up on. When I am able to concentrate, I get through things much quicker. Allowing for breaks makes it all more doable, too.
I’m finding my daily meditations to be the best practice for this.


Finding my ground

SelfLove365: Day 213
I need all the reminders I can get to find myself back in my body, feeling anchored to the Earth. Tonight it was Core Connexion that helped me.