SelfLove365 :: Almost Done!


Only four days left of SelfLove365! I began this project on Jan 1 of this year, drawing a 1″ x 1″ square of something I love (or like, or tolerate accept) about myself with the hope of loving myself by the end of the year.


It’s been a tremendous journey. I’ve learned many things along the way. One is: why do I need to love myself in the first place? Another: if I am loving myself, who is the “I” doing the loving, and who is being loved? Yet another: I can not be described by any one thing. I am all things, at different times. We all are.

Doing something creative on a daily basis has brought so many benefits into my life; because I am being creative everyday, I wasn’t once hard on myself for not being creative, even when I hadn’t painted during a two week period. Also, the daily practice gave me a sense of accomplishment and committment, even while I let go of other major commitments in my life (mainly, my marriage). I was also asked to teach a SelfLove365 class earlier in the year, and I jumped in, even though I haven’t taught a class before. It was a great experience, and has given me the courage to leap into other ventures. This class led me to also start a SelfLove365 Facebook group (please join us and share your projects!)


I am ready (and scared) to begin my new 365 project. I am going to tackle writing (this feels challenging to me, that’s why!) with the focus again on SelfLove. Each day, I will write an entry based on the square that I drew for that day in 2014. My ultimate goal here is to create a SelfLove365 Book. Ack! Scary! This is the only way I can think of to commit to it. I have had “write SelfLove365 book” on my To Do List for the past 5 months or so, and nothing has really happened! I look forward to starting on January 1st, and to receiving your encouragement and support in this project (Please! Thanks!).


Happy New Year everyone!

28 thoughts on “SelfLove365 :: Almost Done!

  1. Chris Kaitlyn

    Wonderful project to have dedicated yourself to for a whole year! When I fist saw your work I thought it would lend itself to textiles. What I mean by that is that I think your color & design sense is fabulous and I just want to plant the seed of an idea that someday may come into fruition…Your designs could be scarves, totes, clothing, etc.! Just a thought…

    1. belknits Post author

      Chris, Yes, I have thought of textiles, too, particularly with this project, as it reminds me so much of a quilt! I have had requests from people to get my paintings on fabric.. Thanks for the idea!

  2. writingbolt

    Now, that seems more reasonable than drawing a full 8×11 or larger page each day. Though, you gave each “tile” so much detail. I’d probably be concerned about one bleeding into the next. But, imagine the mural/wall I could create. I was thinking of doing something similar with tiles you can get at a home improvement or Habitat for Humanity store.

      1. writingbolt

        Were you ever on any reality TV fashion, costume or superhero costume/design show? Cuz your profile pic looks familiar.

        I’ll be glad to show my creation….when I have a wall in the house of my dreams to put it 🙂

  3. Emie

    Been following your blog for quite awhile and some how I missed this project??? Don’t know how that happened unless I haven’t been getting you post sent to my reader… going to join your FB group…. Thanks for sharing! Emie

  4. Ruth Feria

    wow, you did a fantastic job of this. I would join your facebook group, but I can’t imagine finding even a month’s worth of things I like about myself!!! Awesome work, design and colors.

    1. belknits Post author

      Ruth – Thank you! There is no pressure to be active within the FB group. Please feel free to join and share only if you want to! Also, there were definitely times that I didn’t even like the thing about myself – just accepted it.

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  6. Kathy Salazar

    I want to join the 365 group. I love what you did last year! My sister and a couple of my nieces are doing this together!

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