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August Super Studio Days!


Want a great place to paint for the summer? Registration is now open for Super Studio Days in August!
Join me!

SelfLove365, Year 2, Day 190: Painting Slowly=New Ideas


Last year, when I drew this, I had just recently tried painting slowly after a few weeks of speed painting (I had been training for Art Battle by making 20-minute paintings). By changing my pace, I found that so many new ideas were coming to me. But I do remember that the same was true when I began speed painting! So really, just changing an element of what i do – whether it’s pace, palette, materials, or content – can be enough to spark a whole new set of creative ideas.

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I Love Me

This little cutie wants to love you, too!

Half price, today only. 

“I Love Me”, 8″ x 8″ half price is $140

Just say “I love me” in the comments, and it’s yours! 

I Seek

My now 14-year old daughter asked me today, “Mom, how can I stop comparing myself to girls who are skinny?” And so it begins… The goal to accept, love, validate and approve of myself is often a difficult struggle- I find these days, more than ever before, the child in me is seeking these things CONSTANTLY. It feels like insanity. 

“Seek”, Pussy Series #2

$30 each, $100 for the set



“My Secret Garden”, 12″ x 12″ 

Today only: half price OR get two free prints with purchase. Because summer. 

<3 Bel

Studio Tuesday!

 I finished this painting last night! It sold last week before I had a chance to finish it. Gotta love when that happens! 

 The Pussy Series! 

I loved working on these little watercolour paintings and limiting myself to one colour for each. Still managed to get a rainbow in, though! 

4.5″ x 6″ each

$30 each or $300 for the set. Contact me to purchase. 

Rainbow Fiddle!

  Another rainbow fiddle is complete! I love reworking objects to make them colourful.