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Spreading the love!

It’s time to celebrate love (why wait for Feb 14?). Get 25% all my prints, cards and pins, until Feb 4. Use this code at checkout: LOVETHEHEARTS



Sweet Love

❤ "Sweet Love" 24" x 24" is ready for a new home.
Half price today only! ❤

Contact me in the comments, or email: magknit [at] telus [dot] net for details.

I Love Me

This little cutie wants to love you, too!

Half price, today only. 

“I Love Me”, 8″ x 8″ half price is $140

Just say “I love me” in the comments, and it’s yours! 



“My Secret Garden”, 12″ x 12″ 

Today only: half price OR get two free prints with purchase. Because summer. 

❤ Bel

Show and Auction!

There’s so much going on this fall, that I really ought to be blogging more. I know, I say that all the time. I’m getting tired of hearing myself say that I will blog more, so I won’t say it, yet. I’d really like to commit to once a week. Oh, fine. I commit. Once a week. There. Feel free to poke me if you don’t think I am keeping this commitment. :p

"Waterfall" 16" x 20"

“Waterfall” 16″ x 20″

So, first thing… I will be auctioning off this painting, “Waterfall” (16″ x 20″) next week! To make sure you are in on the action, get your name down on my email list!

Every painting has layers of excitement, overlapped with fun and frosted with a little dancing. To watch how I cooked this one up, click below:

Secondly (there’s lots more, but I will save it all for my next post, which I committed to above, remember?), please swing by the Sophia Art Show this Friday and Saturday, and bring your friends! I will have tons of paintings, prints, cards (TONS of cards) and all kinds of goodies for your shopping and viewing pleasure! All the details are on the poster below.

SophiaFall2014 email

Why do you like these paintings, anyway?

My mother-in-law came over last night and made a sizeable dent in my supply of cards and paintings! The three paintings she bought were the ones that I struggled with the most. The two large ones (“Sometimes I feel stuck” and “Surrender”) were re-painted a few times, and hated a few times (or more), but when they were finished I ended up liking them (-ish). They weren’t my favourites, but I liked them enough. I continue working on paintings until they feel complete, not until I like them. I found it really interesting that my mother-in-law zeroed in on those three right away. Even at the Sophia Arts fall show and sale, most of the comments I received were about those paintings (the two large ones, anyway). Someone even wanted to buy one of them at the show! I find it really interesting how people respond to the paintings I make, particularly when I am not sure I even like them. Somehow, my least favourites end up being somebody’s favourites. It gives me the courage to bring everything to a show, because you never know what people will respond to! My guess is that it has something to do with the energy I have invested in the painting. I think some people are able to sense that when they look at a painting. This is part of why I don’t like to duplicate paintings for people – they will never have the same energy that was put into the original.

Without any good segue, I will also say that my children are almost all healthy again, thank goodness! Z’s fever finally broke after 4 days, and they are all back to school. Yay!

Etsy Alberta Team Autumn Harvest SALE!

The Etsy Alberta Team is having a sale from Oct. 1-7. To see the list of offers from the shops, visit the blog! I am offering a free art card with any purchase of $5 or more. Free shipping is still available.

Shop Sale!

Buy any magnet or card in my shop and get the second item (of equal or lesser value) for half price! Free shipping as always.