Parental Advisory: coarse language.

That pretty much says it.

I’m having a really bad painting day. Or, rather, a really good gremlin day. Want to hear what he is saying about me today?

Your paintings are shit.
Why are you doing this?
Eat sugar.
You have no idea what you are doing, do you?
You can’t even sell paintings.
Your paintings are just sitting around doing nothing.
Eat sugar.
Your paintings suck.
You can’t even get the money for the painting you did sell.
Eat sugar.
Lazy ass.

So, yeah. Fuck.

11 thoughts on “Parental Advisory: coarse language.

  1. Esther Budd

    So perhaps you need to consider double sided painting. Paintings on the ‘right’ side are done by your ‘better’ nature. Paintings on the ‘wrong’ side are done by your ‘gremlin’ nature. It could be a two for one deal. You might start a trend in art.

  2. Jamie

    When my gremlins start talking… I create a reply for each and every thing they say. And rather quickly they retreat back underthe rock they crawled out of. Give it a try, it really works.

  3. Eden Thompson

    So fuck the gremlin. What’s he doing anyway? I haven’t seen his paintings lately, I bet they suck. He is just transferring his irritation onto you, who is actually creating and sharing. The Fuck painting is a great burst of colour and energy, so suck it gremlin

  4. Bonnie

    Sometimes my gremlins help me. I get really low but then I’m extra happy when I kick their stinky butts!!

  5. ella

    Yeah, the gremlins suck all the goodness out! Fight back and kick their sucking souls~ I’m sewing and trying to keep swimming in the sea of noise and confusion. Kids have friends over…it is LOUD! I like loud for the most part, but hate…whatcha making, whatcha doing…what is that?! Grrrr

    Keep at it…don’t let them win ;D


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