The Calgary Stampede Lowdown (the food)

I’ve been living in Calgary since 1998, and this is my first real Stampede outing (I’m not counting a trip to the agricultural building and midway when the girls were 3 – they were too little to really remember anything). The kids and I decided to brave the heat (29 Celsius, with hot pavement everywhere, and very little shade). Were we going to see the rodeo? Nope. The agricultural presentations? Nope. The midway? Nope (My son went yesterday to the midway with his friend. I also am opposed to spending so much on rides when we could just go to Calaway Park instead, for less.) For us, the Stampede was all about the food. Oh, and Superdogs.

So, lets see… we tried:

  • cinnamon-sugar donuts
  • deep-fried Oreos
  • chip-stix (spiral cut potato on a stick – then fried)
  • corn dog
  • poutine
  • fried mozzarella sticks

Surprisingly, I am still feeling fine. And for those of you wondering why I won’t spend money on rides for my kids, but I will spend it on greasy fried foods, well, um… I’ll pretend I didn’t hear you ask that.

There’re still a lot left to try next year: Bloomin’ onion, deep-fried cheesecake, Kubie Kornballs (garlic sausage fritters), to name a few. There are also a lot I will never try: Doughnut Burger with cheese (seriously? The doughnut is the bun! Ew!), deep-fried kool aid (uh, no), and deep fried Pop-Tarts (why???).

We watched the Superdogs – a cute show where dogs run races around a course, dance, or perform various tricks. After the dogs, we rode the “Skyride” – just a chairlift kind of thing that travels slowly over the Stampede grounds. I can handle roller coasters, drop rides, and other scary things, but this one really got to me. I couldn’t stop thinking of how this little car is attached to the cable by a teeny-tiny hook, and if we fall, we’ll go SPLAT! Never again!! I can even handle the Banff gondola better – at least there are trees to break the fall!

We also watched some “crazy cowgirls” doing some gymnastic tricks on their horses. That was very cool, especially for the girls. Lastly – cowboy/cowgirl hats for the kids! A very fun (mostly, except for the complaining about the heat) day.

Stick ’em up!

The Bandit

To top it all off, we had a most exciting C-train ride. What started as a normal stop, turned into a short delay, which then became tedious, boring and hot. But then! We noticed the police prowling around outside the car – at least 6 of them! And with big GUNS. I’ve never seen such big guns! They ordered everybody off the car for about 2 minutes, then all was good and we were back on our way. I overheard that the police thought they had spotted a criminal on the train, but it turned out to be a look-a-like. Wooh! Exciting stuff!

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