SelfLove365: Day 208
Mary Rose told me today that I have Visionary as one of my roles in my Wheel. Hearing more about it, this makes sense. I paint the pictures, I have the vision of a project and what it could be. Figuring out if this is the right thing for me is what comes next. She also mentioned that the Visionary is all about planning and scheduling, and I’ve recently realized how I need to introduce better time management into my life, to make things happen. I love how the teachings of the Medicine wheel fit right into my life.


Communication and Vulnerability

Yesterday I experienced two very different forms of communication:

1. Two people talking to each other, one was angry (but not at the other), and both were speaking at the same time, over each other, each trying to have their stories heard. I felt myself becoming over-stimulated, and backing away. I wanted to leave, because I could see how neither person was hearing the other, and this made me sad and overwhelmed.

2. I delivered a painting to an acquaintance of mine, and we began to talk. The more we talked, the more openly we each shared, and at one point, I realized just how well this man was listening to me. He asked thoughtful questions, and listened with intent. I felt seen, I felt heard, I felt safe. This allowed me to be vulnerable, and to share some things with him that, before yesterday, I didn’t think I would have. He also allowed himself to be vulnerable and share with me.

Vulnerability is one of my core values, and I surround myself with people who have the ability to be vulnerable, to share their deepest truths. This helps me to grow, to be seen, and to connect with others.

Watch Brene Brown’s TED talk on the Power of Vulnerability here.