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I am Safe (Pay what you want)

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The other day, someone said, “It must be hard to let your babies [paintings] go, and I responded that I don’t consider them to be my babies. Once I have created them, I allow them to go out into the world, to become part of someone else’s world; I am not attached to them in a clinging way. The day after this conversation, I read this in Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic”:
“Your creative work is not your baby; if anything, you are its baby. Everything I have ever written has brought me into being. Every project has matured me in a different way. I am who I am today precisely because of what I have made and what it has made me into. Creativity has hand-raised me and forged me into an adult.”
However, I do have my favourites – there are some paintings I wish to keep around a little longer, or to be able to visit once in awhile. This is one of them. I feel especially happy about finding a new home for these favourites of mine.
1. Today only, send me a message telling me about attachment, and how it has hindered or helped you.
2. What is your offer? (Shipping and handling are extra).
3. I will contact you tomorrow!
“I am Safe”, watercolour and ink on paper, 4″ x 6″, May, 2011.

I am Safe.


This is my first painting of the year! I like seeing how my drawing practice (see below) is influencing my painting.

•••PAY WHAT YOU WANT (make me an offer in comments or by email to magknit[at]telus[dot]com), today only!
•Shipping not included.
•Owner of the painting will be chosen and contacted tomorrow.
“I am safe” 10″ x 10″


I am Safe

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“I am Safe”, 4″ x 6″, $100

There is a belief I have: even when I feel safe, it is temporary, and I am not actually safe. Maybe that doesn’t really matter, because I also believe that where I am is where I am supposed to be. What I am feeling now is what I am meant to feel. So maybe safety is irrelevant. Sometimes I yearn to feel safe, and sometimes I don’t. What does safety mean to you?

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Here’s what I want.

I’m such a follow the rules kind of person. As soon as a teacher or coach says something, I stick to it, follow the words like they are the only truth. Then I am reminded that there is no single right way of doing things. This idea that there is a “right” and a “wrong” is so engrained in me, that it makes it tough to break free from this way of thinking. Here’s what I want:



I want to be authentic, paint what really needs to be painted.

I want to have fun painting.

I want to admire my own work.

I want to try new things, but not shut out the old.

I want to paint rainbow stripes sometimes, even if I think it’s a way for me to feel safe. Or maybe because it’s a way for me to feel safe.

I want to paint things other than rainbow stripes.

I want to take risks.

And now, I will go back and reread these statements without the “want to”. Because it’s really happening.


Gift to my Dad.

I have fun painting.

I admire my own work.

I try new things, but don’t shut out the old.

I paint rainbow stripes sometimes, even if I think it’s a way for me to feel safe. Or maybe because it’s a way for me to feel safe.

I paint things other than rainbow stripes.

I take risks.

But I’m not ready to show any risky paintings yet.