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The Waldorf Faire

Whew! What an exhausting weekend! It is hard work to stay all smiles, and talk to people for 7 hours straight (after a day of setting up), especially for an introvert! I was pretty wiped about 2 hours in, but hopefully it wasn’t too obvious.

The day went well, although there are things I will change for next year, for sure. I sold all ten copies of Journal It!, one painting, and lots of cards, pins and magnets. I would love to sell more paintings, but I think my display needs to be more open, more accessible, so people can step right up to the art. Half the time, I didn’t think people noticed the paintings behind me, because of all the things I had to look at on the table! All in all, it was a fun day, and I was happy with it.

I was very happy to sell this painting to Denise. Thank you, Denise!

My friend Yvonne and her felting-partner had a beautiful table with lots of little hand-felted critters, with skating ponds, an igloo, trees, the works. It was stunning.

I still have plenty of magnets, paintings, and cards available. I also painted a mirror and a lazy Susan, both of which I love. I may decide to keep the mirror, but for now, it is available and perfect for the young girl in your life!



I just finished a batch of magnets to sell at the Waldorf Faire in November. I’m already starting to sell off this batch, though, so another one is under way. Happy news about the magnets: I finally figured out the whole varnish thing. I have had problems in the past with the varnish reacting with the ink I use to write with, but I finally figured out how to avoid that. It was so simple, I don’t know why I never thought of it before! I just needed a layer of acrylic medium before applying the Varithane! Glad that is solved.

If you see any that you would like, I can create a special etsy listing for you (as long as I haven’t already sold it…).

Spinning Susan

I bought this lazy susan (or spinning susan, if you will), at Doug and Jo-Anne’s garage sale for $2. I painted it and brought it to the Waldorf Faire to sell. Then Doug and Jo-Anne came to my table and decided to buy it back from me to give to Jo-Anne’s sister for her birthday! It’s the ultimate in recycling! The plain wood susans can be found at IKEA for about $10.

Fun at the Waldorf Faire

My first craft show at the Waldorf Faire was a success! My mom was there and helped me set up on Friday, stayed with me all day Saturday and helped me dismantle it all. What a lot of work! Thanks, Ma!! I am so glad she was there experience it with me!

I sold over 70 magnets, some pins, cards, the lazy susan, 3 frames, and a painting, plus got a commission for another painting! My daughters sold half of their dolls, too! I loved being able to talk to so many people that I know. One girl from the school came back to the table three times (and bought something each time!).

I was surrounded by great people – Michelle and Alecia (selling belt buckles), Colleen (knitwear and jewelery), and Darcy from the Alberta Etsy team was right behind me! I look forward to doing it again next year!

Pins… Buttons.. those things you put on your clothes

Here’s a hint of what I’ve been up to these last few weeks, preparing for the Waldorf Faire. This will be my first time as a vendor at a craft show! I’m quite excited about it, and really happy that my mom will be there with me!

These are my painted pins or buttons – I’m never really sure what to call them! I’ve been surrounded by varnish and rubber cement for the last few days. I’m sure I’ve killed off a few brain cells! It’s a bit hard to get any air circulation downstairs now that the snow has arrived and it’s COLD! For some reason, I occasionally have an issue with crazing of the varnish, and I can’t figure out why. It’ll happen to some but not others, within the same batch, so it’s not a temperature thing.  I guess it’s time to try a new varnish.

I’ve made about 100 magnets, too, and I’m hoping they all sell!