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Have you heard of Vine yet? It’s a brand new app that came out last week, brought to you by Twitter. Using the app, people can make and share 6 minute videos. Of course, there has already been some controversy involving some lewd content (inevitable) that was featured in the “Editor’s Picks” for several hours, before being removed.

Anyway, I will just stay in my little creative corner of Vine… so far I haven’t seen any questionable content, nor have I looked for it. It’s a great way to try stop-motion animation, or to show little snippets of your world.

I have been using it to make fun videos of the kids, and to show the progression of my drawings and paintings. Here are a few of the videos I have made! (Note that on Vine, the video will play continually). If you would like to join me on Vine, my user name is Belinda Fireman!


I am officially a twit..

Catch me @belindafireman

Or link from the sidebar!

In other news… I recently joined the Creative Coconuts! Hey! I’m a twit AND a nut!! Awesome. Come join us for creative banter and support!

And also, you can find me now on papernstitch!