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Spring Painting!

Happy Spring, everyone! The sun is shining and apparently flowers are popping up. I haven’t seen them yet, so I painted one instead! This painting is now up for auction on my Facebook page. Bidding ends tomorrow, Thursday, March 21, at 8pm M.S.T.


Mail Art Wednesday

Ha ha! Yeah, I know, Mail Art Monday sounds way better. But today is Wednesday and I have few blog post ideas this week, so this will have to do! I have a new pen pal! Some of you may know her on twitter as @saylor_made, or from her sketchbooks or blog. Look at these gems I received from her today:

Pretty awesome! Lots of little pictures and stickers in many colours. Yummy!

Here is what I am sending to Jeannine! [Official spoiler alert for Jeannine.. don’t look down!] See the little book? I love it! I made a mini-version of a portion of my 2011 Sketchbook Project! Isn’t it cute?

Here’s a close up of the painting:

Hooray for mail! Happy Spring!