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Apology and a Love Letter (to my Herrington rods)

I’m digitized.

Just got word that my Sketchbook Project 2012 is digitized! You can see the whole thing right here! Check out my book from last year, too!

I’m really interested in the projects the Arthouse Co-op has going on right now. I may have to sign up for them, even though I’m not sure where to fit them in! One is the 4×6 exchange, which is a global art swap, and it’s free! The other is a self-portrait project. Love, love, LOVE self-portraits (making and viewing), so I am definitely in for that one!

Sketchbook Project 2012

Sketchbook Project 2012 - Cover

The deadline has come and gone, and my Sketchbook Project 2012 (as well as those belonging to my three kids) has arrived safely at the Brooklyn Art Library. [OK, all you grammar-police… would you have said “has arrived” or “have arrived” in that last sentence? Oh, that bugs me that I don’t know!] I am patiently looking forward to the digitized version of my sketchbook (I’ll let you know when that happens), and looking forward to visiting it (along with my 2011 book, again) in October!

We had a lot of fun working on this project together. I love seeing what the kids come up with! Here’s a little sampling from O’s and C’s books (I already blogged about Z’s book! Have to keep it fair!!










Here are some of my favourite spreads from my book:


On to the Sketchbook Project: Limited Edition. I’m almost half way through the book! Yay! There are less than 300 books left if you want to join!

Kaboom! Comix

My kids are all taking part in the Sketchbook Project: Limited Edition, and my daughter Z has decided to do hers all in comics. She calls her book, “Kaboom Comics”. I adore the drawings and the edgy humour. As a kid, I always wanted to be able to draw comics, but I didn’t feel like it came naturally, and all the comedic talent went to my brother, James (his is a baseball site – not devoted to being funny, but still funny at times).  These comics come easy to her, though. I watched her as she whipped them off, page after page. Where are these ideas coming from?! These are a few of my favourites.

Unrelated ideas: teach, sketch, act.

First page of the Sketchbook Project 2012

I just finished the third of five painting classes that I am teaching in my home. I want to remember the comments I received, to remind me why I enjoy doing this!

“You really know what you’re doing.”

“I’ve been meditating for ten years, and never really felt connected to the earth until you said to feel like a tree and spread my roots into the ground.” (I got this from Core Connexion)

“This was a really loving class.”


I have been thinking about teaching and wondering if I should continue, but this is really making me want to continue! Not to mention, when I am painting during class, I really lose track of time!

In other news, my Sketchbook Project 2012 is almost half completed (I am a bit behind on scanning). My son has been inspiring me to draw, because everyday when he comes home from school, he wants to work in his sketchbook. He has been copying some of my techniques, like drawing with color and then surrounding it with black. He is including a lot of rings and spirals, like in my work. I don’t want to discourage him from doing this, but I also want him to be drawing what is coming from inside him, rather than just what he thinks I want. He saw a drawing I did of the exterior of the school and he was surprised by this “new” idea of drawing what you see!

The theme for my sketchbook is “Nothing New,” but I am noticing that it is starting to morph into “Things that ARE New.” That’s OK, I am not chained to the theme. If you are working on your sketchbook, how is it going? Will you share some photos of your work? There is now a blog to follow where you can get ideas and inspiration for your sketchbook! I am really adoring this project. I’ve been telling so many people about it – I should be their official spokesperson! Ha!

And also (because I don’t know how to segue into this topic), I want to take an acting class.

The Real-Life Sketchbook Project

What I did on my Thanksgiving holiday: went to the Brooklyn Art Library! This is the home of Art House Co-op  and the Sketchbook Project! I participated in the project last year (and I am doing it again this year), and wanted to see how my book is doing. I was worried about the pages sticking together! While we were there, we had a chance to check out some other cool books, too.

The Brooklyn Art Library is a pretty small little shop, smaller than I expected, I guess, considering how many books they have to add after this year’s project is over! I think they’re gonna need a lot more bookshelves!! It was really inspiring to see the wall of books. Some of the covers are so ornately decorated!

You can take out books to look at based on the artist’s name, the theme, the city it comes from, or just whatever book looks interesting! I took out about 5 sketchbooks from Calgary, and then a few more for the kids to look at that had the theme, “Raining Cats and Dogs.”

We really liked this book by Barbara Wanhill of Calgary. She stuck to the cats and dogs theme, with a few chairs and other things falling from the sky. Great illustrations!







Another cool Calgary book included great line drawings of the Beatles. This one is by Tyler Lemermyer. We didn’t even come close to seeing a good chunk of sketchbooks. Didn’t even come close to hardly scratching the surface of what was there. I would love to go back another time, maybe without a 5 year old who gets bored quickly, so that I can spend a few hours poring over these amazing creations!

















Here’s me with my book! To see my fancy-digitized sketchbook from last year, click here!

Some closure.

The Sketchbook Project is old news now, but I need to bring closure to that topic! Instead of including all the pages that are missing on my blog (which I was about to do, but it’s way too much work), I will direct you to my flickr site to view the entire sketchbook! Here’s the cover! I hope the sketchbook holds up – some of the pages at the back of the book are perforated and were beginning to tear as I painted. Yikes! That presents quite a challenge for the paper conservator (my old job!) who gets to look after them!

The Sketchbook Project: Cover