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Live Painting at Signal Hill Library

I’m really excited about this weekend – I will be painting at the Signal Hill Library in SW Calgary on Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd, from 1-3 pm. I hope you can drop by! Feel free to introduce yourself to me!


I have six paintings up at the library, too, until September 25. All are for sale – please contact me if you are interested.

Art at Signal Hill Library!



I’m really excited to let you know that I have some of my paintings on display at the Signal Hill Library for the month of September! All the paintings are for sale – contact me for details. I will be doing some live art there soon, too! Please follow me on my Facebook page for further details!



Art at the Library!

Five of my paintings are on display at the Signal Hill Library for the month of February. And it’s a longer February than usual, so yay! Crossing my fingers to get some inquiries and sales from this. The last time I showed my art at the library was pretty successful, so I’m hopeful!

A little Self-Plagiarism

I am still riding high from selling three paintings this weekend. The only downside, is now I have three (ok, actually two, since one was from last year) less paintings to sell at our art show and sale later this month! Time to get cracking!

This is one of the paintings I sold in the first hour, but I kept it in the show until the end. I had so many compliments on this one, that I think I’ll try to make another that’s similar. I hope that my work is always evolving and getting better, but sometimes I think it would be fun to keep doing the same idea for a while, rather than forcing myself to do different things (mostly because I end up staring at the blank canvas with a dumb look on my face, trying to think of that great new idea). I just can’t paint that way – i.e. think first, paint after. I prefer to just jump right in, which is why a little self-plagiarism may be required. I’ll change the colours and the message, of course, but I do like the effect of the colours fading into white with the dots on top.

Paintings and Procrastination

I just had an exciting day! I am showing some of my paintings at the Signal Hill Library for Alberta Arts Days. I was there this morning, along with many of the other artists showing their work. In the first hour, I sold 3 of my paintings! One of them is a framed watercolour for $300! I am super excited about selling that piece, because it is from last year, and I probably won’t be showing those works again! Most of them I now donate for silent auction events. What else can I do with art that hasn’t sold? Any ideas? I also had several people who took my cards and seemed very interested to purchase at a later date. I’ll be back there again tomorrow from 1-3. I hope it’s as successful as today was!

About a year ago, a good friend asked me if I would make a painting and incorporate one of her poems into it. I procrastinated and then I let the email get lost in the forgotten land of “come-back-to-later” emails. Then I recently decided to start reading email only if I am ready to take the action required by reading it (inspired by a podcast I heard over at Creative Coconuts). With this in mind, I cleaned up all the old emails, and found the one from my friend. Yikes. Had it been a commission from a stranger, it surely wouldn’t have taken so long. Why do friends and family get such poor service? It’s so easy to say, “They’ll understand”, I guess.

I think I procrastinate with commissioned work because I am worried it won’t work out, or the customer won’t like it. It’s so much easier to have people just like the work I make for myself, and that’s that! But anyway, I really wanted to do this for her, not only because she is my friend, but because she said I inspired her to write the poem. How cool is that? We used to dance together on a weekly basis at Core Connexion (BTW: my hands are in the banner of the Core Connexion website – how cool!), but she doesn’t come out much anymore. I miss seeing her there!

What I learned from this experience: nothing ever takes as much time as I think it will. Turned out that I had a painting that was all ready to go, and just had to add the poem on top! I am happy to say that my friend was very pleased with the result. Yay! Here is how it turned out.