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Leggings and more! <3

Loads of new products, and FREE SHIPPING until September 13, midnight PST!
I can’t wait to get my own leggings with my paintings on them!

Several people have purchased the leggings recently and love them. Yay!

CLICK HERE to go to the shop.




Support Handmade! : Black Kite

While I was in Boulder, attending the Makerie, there was a Firefly handmade market with wonderful things to look at, admire, and (ahem) purchase! One of my favorites was Black Kite – a shop with wonderfully bright and bold shirts for boys, made by Lindsay Black Mangat. The tag line for the shop is “bold shirts. confident boys”. That drew me in, and I was very tempted by the amazing fabrics. What finally sold me on buying a shirt, aside from being handmade and well-made, is that each shirt has an inspirational message sewn to the inside of the front pocket. How cute is that? The message I bought for my son: “Walk tall. Think BIG.” Doesn’t he look kind of Elvis-y here? We should have put the collar up!