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Lacking trust. 

 Completed this commission today- it’s always scary for me, to see if the customer likes the final result. I don’t usually trust that they will. He does. 🙂

SelfLove365, Year 2, Day 108: Playful


I don’t feel playful right now. I’m angry. But, I’m also wearing a rainbow tutu, rainbow leg warmers, and miniature rainbow cake earrings, with sprinkles. Is it possible to be playful and angry at the same time? I suppose it is. I played Marilyn Manson, punched my pillow, and stomped around like a three year old having a temper tantrum (while wearing my tutu). I am playfully angry. I’m hoping to move past the anger into something else, but I can see how that’s just another way for me to resist my anger. For now, I’ll sit with being angry. In my tutu.

For more information about the SelfLove365 Project, click here.

Rainbow Fiddle!

I recently painted a 1913 fiddle for an upcoming online auction and exhibit at the Sweet on Fiddlin’ show at the Ironwood Stage and Grill. It’s a great change of pace from flat canvas!


Sanding away the shiny, perfect surface of the fiddle.. yikes!


I’m really happy with the final result! For tickets to see this and other fiddle art at the Sweet on Fiddlin’ show, click here.

SOF Poster 1

Landscapes: inside and out

The weather was beautiful this weekend and I took the children to Griffith woods to sketch. 

In other art news, I began a large painting today. Somehow it manages to feel like it’s missing something, and is too much, at the same time. A metaphor for how I often feel about myself. 

Sunday rainbows, croissants and painting!

My Sunday went a little like this…

Started off the day by painting in pajamas.


Brown-butter-banana-Nutella croissant sandwiches are part of a nutritious breakfast (you know, if you actually eat healthy stuff with them).


I cleaned out my filing cabinet and found my Grade 3 autobiography. It seems I always knew my calling, and somehow had the impression, even at a young age, that I may not make enough money as an artist. Despite this, I still resisted the apparent pressure to become a doctor – it must have been there because I was quite adamant about not becoming one!


The day was gloomy, with winter winds blowing in again, so I perked it up with my rainbow knee high and bracelet, and my new shirt and neck warmer that my wonderful friend Mandy made for me.


The trees never ask for attention.

If you read yesterday’s post, then you know there were lots of tears, and lots of feeling. After writing that post, I painted this painting, also with many tears.

"The Trees never ask for attention", 20" x 20" $560

“The Trees never ask for attention”, 20″ x 20″ $560


Shame, toilet dreams, and being right.

Scan 21

Watercolour Progression


I see a theme emerging in my latest watercolour paintings. 

Just Feel.

Just feel. I’m remembering, slowly.