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SelfLove365, Year 2, Day 20: (vagina)


Oh God – I have been dreading writing this one!

Random thoughts on the vagina:

  • Read the book, “Vagina”, by Naomi Wolf – totally worth it.
  • I hate the word “vagina”. It’s so clinical sounding and lots of times that’s not even the anatomical part being spoken of. How about pussy, cunt or yoni instead? More all-encompassing.
  • It can feel more pleasure than I even knew was possible.
  • When my son was born, he decided to wave hello with his hand alongside his head, giving me a second degree tear. Yeah, that hurt. “Now I know what the ‘Ring of Fire’ is!” I yelled.
  • There is so much potential for healing through the yoni. So much tension (our own and our sexual partners’) is stored there; and if released, this can be so satisfying and wonderfully healing.
  • The ultimate shame for me is stored in my yoni- how I look (I’m not a fucking porn star! So sue me), how I smell, how I taste – these are all very personal things that create so much apprehension and worry for women (yeah, me) because society thinks it can dictate what they should be. We are told to be tight, clean shaven, smell like flowers, look like little girls. Being told what my body “should” be like, especially a part that’s not seen by just about everyone, seems stupid to me. I once attended a women’s gathering where we were to look at (no, admire) our pussies and notice their beauty, to treasure this part of us. It was so difficult for me – I cried. A lot. To me, it felt like a dirty, ugly thing, and why would anyone ever want to look at it?
  • But really, why not? I would love to change my perspective on this. To view the yoni as another beautiful body part, as elegant and useful and wonderful and beautiful as the fingers, the calves, the neck and the hips. I want to embrace all my parts and love them all. I want to stop worrying about what someone else might think. I want to really get to know my yoni and what it likes (That sounds like fun.)