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Finished and SOLD!

I painted this at the Lovecraft Gallery last night, and sold it on the spot! Woohoo! I love when that happens!



SelfLove365: Day 192
I met Chris Cromwell tonight at the “Abstract” show at the Lovecraft Gallery. He is insanely inspiring, and an amazing artist. We share a love for colour, without a doubt.
I was also told tonight, by two people, that I inspired them to paint. This makes me so happy! Yay!


Painting Slowly=New Ideas!

SelfLove365: Day 190


I spent the afternoon painting at Lovecraft Gallery, which means company, different music than I’m used to, and a change of scenery. I found myself painting slowly; it almost felt too slow, after all the 20-minute paintings I’ve been doing! After a discussion of tentacles, I noticed that there were tentacle-ish shapes appearing on my painting, something new. They look more like brains, or Korean graffiti, maybe. I’m liking it, whatever it is.