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Self Love 365

After taking on the 365 Project last year (one self portrait a day for a year), I wanted to continue with some kind of daily project. I really loved the rhythm created by having something to do each day, the creativity involved in making each photograph unique, and the collection amassed (and sense of satisfaction at having completed it) at the end of the project.


I considered doing some kind of gratitude project, like Lori Portka’s “A Hundred Thank-Yous”, where she created 100 paintings for people she treasured in her life. At some point, I will do a similar project, but what occurred to me is that I need to love myself before I can really love and give to others in such a big way.



This is a question that has been on my mind for a long time: Do I love myself? Sometimes it feels like the answer is no. The voices in my head are so nasty sometimes, so critical, that it hardly feels like love. On the other hand, I go out to dance once or twice a week, I am doing the thing I love the most (painting), I go to the gym every other day, and I eat relatively well (but lets not get into food now, because food is my go-to source of love when I am down). Those things all sound like I take care of myself, that I am doing things that show love for myself, right?

This is where the critical voices come in, saying, “You aren’t doing it right”, “You still aren’t good enough”, “If you loved yourself, you would just know it”, “If you loved yourself, you wouldn’t need to do this project”.



And so, Selflove365 was born. I am drawing something I love (or like) about myself in a 1″ x 1″ square per day, every day of this year. The first 15 days were pretty easy, but then it felt like I could hit a wall soon, and run out of things I like. So far, I haven’t, and if that happens, surely I can still find something, even if it’s my fingernail. I sit at my desk and allow it to come to me, rather than planning ahead, the same way that I paint.


I’m curious about how or if I will change by the end of the year. Two of my friends have joined me in this project, one of whom is sharing her squares (as I do) on Facebook. Will you join me? I also post my squares everyday on Instagram. Tag your photos with #selflove365 so we can encourage and support each other!

Gratitude Tuesday

Today I am grateful for people like Lori Portka. It is people like this who make the world a better place to be.

Lori is an artist who I “met” online – I can’t remember how exactly, but I follow her on Twitter and keep up with her blog. She has been working on an amazing project for quite a while now called, “A Hundred Thank-Yous: a gratitude project by Lori Portka”. She has painted 100 paintings for 100 people in her life. After an exhibit of the paintings, she is going to give them away to the people they were made for. Isn’t that seriously amazing?


To give away.

That just blows me away. I can’t quite imagine how this project has affected her, but I’m sure it has, and deeply. In her television interview (finally, some “good” news!), she said it changed her as an artist. What an amazing thing to do. I wish I could be there to see the exhibit! I would love to take on something like this… someday!