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Happy Birthday to my brother James!

He’s always ready to make crazy faces, and makes me laugh like nobody else.

He’s a loving husband, father, son, brother, uncle, and dog-daddy.

Most of all, James is always ready to give me the finger. Even during a nationally televised baseball game.

I love you, James! Hockey Birdie.

Flashback Friday: July 6, 2001 & Happy Birthday to my Two Amazing Daughters!

Me, waiting patiently to become a mom. Yes, I had brown hair.

The birthday girls, on the day. O on the left, Z on the right.

In lieu of gushy writing (because I’m just not that kind of blogger) about how much I love my girls (tons), and about all the wonderful qualities that they have (again, tons), and instead of my usual flashback music, here is a video of the two of us, mere hours before becoming parents! I apologize for the poor quality: it’s a video of a video. I couldn’t think of any other way to do this! I was scheduled to have a C-section, because both babies were breech.

O & Z birthday from Belinda Fireman on Vimeo.

Gratitude Tuesday and Happy Birthday MOM!

Happy Birthday to my amazing, beautiful, creative and inspiring mother, a.k.a. MA! My mom has given me so much: my love of rainbows, my competitive streak, my parenting style, my scoliosis survival, my knitting and crochet knowledge, my love of yarn and books, and the list goes on and on. Thank you Ma, for everything you do. I love you. xoxo

Today, I am grateful for:

1. My mom spending last week with us and taking care of the kids and cooking while I danced for 6 days straight during the Core Connexion teacher training! My mom rocks!

2. Spending the weekend dancing with my BFF, Angela!

3. The supportive and wonderful dance community.

4. Warm weather is back!

5. My back supports me.

6. The feeling of slipping between freshly laundered, high thread count, sheets. Oh, and our amazing mattress.

Flashback Friday: 1992 & Happy Birthday Husband!

Back in October, 1992, I met the love of my life. I knew he was for me the moment I saw him. Somehow I knew that we would end up together that night – just ask my mom if you don’t believe me; I called her right away to tell her so! I can hardly believe that we have known each other almost 20 years. I’ve almost known J.P. (I call him by his last name, though) longer than I haven’t known him!

Happy Birthday to the man who makes me laugh, really listens to me, knows me better than anyone, is the best father three kids could ask for, is patient, kind, gorgeous, loving, fun, funny, and my partner-for-life.

So in honour of his birthday today, I am bringing you a photo from when we first met. Fashion of the times: dark tortoiseshell glasses, layered haircut with bangs.

From the cassette vault: the Waterboys! JP and I used to listen to this album (plus Sarah McLachlan) over and over again, during our endless hours staring at each other.