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Felted Ball!

I am on a mission to make only handmade gifts for my (still kind of new) nephew. He is about to turn one, and when I realized his birthday was coming up, I also realized that handmade gifts require planning and TIME. Especially if knitting is involved (at least, for me, anyway).


The perfect idea came to me – age appropriate, and easily made in the time I had: a felted ball. It is a lot of fun to make, but also equal parts frustration and tiring, especially because my 7-year old son wanted to felt along with me, and it wasn’t going so well for him! I wet-felted the inner core, and then needle-felted the coloured design on top. I love how it turned out!!



I got to see my nephew open his gift via FaceTime today, and my SIL informed me that he has just figured out how to throw a ball in the last few days: what perfect timing!! Yay! I’m not sure who likes the ball more though: my nephew or his dog!!

Support Handmade: jane e roberti

Oh yes, my purchases from Boulder are not over yet. I still have to tell you about the amazing rings I bought from jane e roberti! They have beautiful botanical designs cut out of aluminum, which are riveted to chunky wooden rings. The rings are super light and I barely notice they are there, despite their chunky size!

Jane also makes other handcrafted jewelry and accessories.

Support Handmade! : Black Kite

While I was in Boulder, attending the Makerie, there was a Firefly handmade market with wonderful things to look at, admire, and (ahem) purchase! One of my favorites was Black Kite – a shop with wonderfully bright and bold shirts for boys, made by Lindsay Black Mangat. The tag line for the shop is “bold shirts. confident boys”. That drew me in, and I was very tempted by the amazing fabrics. What finally sold me on buying a shirt, aside from being handmade and well-made, is that each shirt has an inspirational message sewn to the inside of the front pocket. How cute is that? The message I bought for my son: “Walk tall. Think BIG.” Doesn’t he look kind of Elvis-y here? We should have put the collar up!