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Tons of New Cards!

I’ve listed tons of new cards in the shop! They are all blank inside and perfect for any occasion!

















Helping a friend.


This is for my dear friend Nicole Hartley Bradford… I met her through 5Rhythms dance classes. Ever since meeting Nicole, she has been promoting me and my art, helping me in ways that are so valuable to me. I know she does the same for other people.



For the next six days, I will be donating the proceeds of my sales (paintings, cards, magnets, pins, prints, etc) to Nicole. Please help support her by getting my art into your home! You are welcome to come visit my studio to purchase, and I will also be listing more items to my Etsy shop shortly. I might even do a painting auction.. fun!



Nicole has a vision for how she wants to live in this world, and she needs financial help to do it. In her words:

“Friends, I feel hopelessness and bad luck are winning today. My catch 22 of having blocks inside me that keep me from prospering and needing that prosperity to get what I need and clear the blocks is feeling like a hopeless loop.

I’m due to have my girls during the month of August but that means spending money I have yet to make.

I see that’s the story of my life. I said yes to the children I was given, and my energy, attention, nurturing was directed to them rather than to building a career. As a single mom for 8 years, I learned to cope in poverty and I put my own share into remembering my self to heal my blocks.

Evidently, I haven’t got caught up.

20 years later here I am in poverty.

Poverty doesn’t define me, as I trust many if you will attest. I have claimed in good part, the gifts I have been given to pass on: a clear vision, storytelling, grace, creativity, bravery, connectivity, healing, passion…

But poverty makes it very hard to keep the faith, and to keep my core in peace.”


Please visit my Etsy shop for more listings!


Thank you readers! and…Present: in PINK!

Hi everyone – I know I haven’t been the best blogger lately. To be honest, I’ve been spending a lot more time over at my Facebook page (feel free to join me there, too!) But I still have every intention of getting back to regular blogging.. eventually. In the meantime, to thank you for your support, I would like to offer my lovely blog readers FREE SHIPPING with purchases of over $100, in my Etsy shop, until Saturday, June 1, 2013. Use the coupon code: BLOG0513 to get the discount!

I am finally getting around to putting up new items in my shop! To start, here is a new greeting card, blank inside, with “present” on the image.


To purchase, click here!

Thank you for your support!

Action in the Shop!

I have really been neglecting my Etsy shop for the last several months. Not renewing my listings, not listing new items – poor thing! I have finally given my shop a little action – some new cards are now listed! And I will list more soon – I promise!! Click here to purchase a card.


The painting on the cards is one that I made for a show featuring the work of many Calgary artists. We all used a 2’x 2′ base, and the themes were “music”, “wine”, and “the colour red”. When I first made the painting, I had forgotten the “music” theme, but it seems to have come out anyway; when I posted it to Facebook, I had many people comment that it looked like a rock concert, and they could see guitar frets! We had the show opening at Wine-Ohs in Calgary last week.




New Cards in the Shop!

I love how these new cards turned out! I had them printed at moo.com, even though I have to pay extra to have them cross the border – it’s still worth it. If you haven’t checked out moo yet, you should; their products are superb quality, turn out gorgeous every time, and the website is easy to use. Hope you like the new cards!