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I Want to Paint Your Shoes!

My friend Melsha​ has reminded me that there are only 15 more Saturdays until Christmas, so here is a great gift idea, nice ‘n early!

❤ I will paint your Converse (or other white canvas shoes) for only $100 (my Ma thinks I'm nuts).


::Offer ends Friday, Sept. 18, 2015.
::You provide the shoes, I paint ’em, for $100 (I can also purchase the shoes for you, if you live far away).
::Shipping is extra.



Having a two year old nephew is great incentive for completing knitting projects! Panda hat for Christmas.. Check!

Wedding Painting

We are going to our friends’ wedding this weeked. They asked for no gifts, but I still wanted to make them something – this is it! I hope they like it. It will be a great party, I’m sure, since we know each other from Wednesday Core Connexion dance. I’m looking forward to the dancing!

We are having two 9-year olds over for a sleepover party (with our 2 9-year old daughters). Lots of laughter coming up! I just hope they let my 4-year old son play with them! The girls are getting to the stage where they want their own time with their friends. I don’t blame them (I know what it’s like to have younger brothers!!), but it is way easier for me when they do let him play!

I’ve noticed a large spike in viewers to this blog since I have been posting more, and getting my work on craftgawker. Please feel free to comment! I love getting feedback.