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SelfLove365 Year 2, Day 2: Good Listener


SelfLove365 Year 2 Day 2: Good Listener

I am listening to myself cry. I can’t stop crying and I can’t stop listening. I am listening to the “Ghosts” album by NIN, which is haunting and beautiful and reminds me of last night. Dancing to the same album last night was how I released my body from being stuck in a place of shame. Before sitting down to write today, I turned it on again, and really listened to my body. The tears flowed immediately as I moved, but today, I also feel lonely. I am allowing it. I am listening. I am feeling lonely and noticing the desire to fix it. I am feeling lonely and and also noticing the desire to stay with it and see what it wants to show me. I feel alone, but also feel connected to everything in that aloneness.

Today I experienced tears of passion, tears of pleasure, tears of shame, tears of loneliness and tears of being alive. I am listening to the sound of my tears.