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SelfLove365, Year 2, Day 174: Awareness of Addictions (+ being gentle)


I eat when I’m bored. (It’s ok.)
I eat when I’m sad. (It’s ok.)
I eat when I’m lonely. (It’s ok.)
I eat sugar when it’s available, and then tell myself, “Just this once”. (It’s ok.)
I obsess when I feel inadequate or not enough. (It’s ok).
I check my phone often when I’m lonely. (It’s ok.)
I watch porn when nobody is around, it’s late, and I’m really tired and wishing I had just gone to bed early so I could read a book. (It’s ok.)

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SelfLove365, Year 2, Day 34: Gentleness


Quiet. I hold you in my arms and let you know you are wanted, you are held, you are seen, you are heard. You are precious. These aren’t things you hear often, but they ought to be. From me. You are always telling yourself differently, and looking to others to fill in the gaps. That, my dear, is the very opposite of gentleness. So, let’s practice. We need reminders, because it’s a new way to be, for both of us. Hug is a good reminder, when I look in the mirror. I shall hug you daily. I love you.