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$100 Show


I had every intention of posting this two weeks ago, to give you a chance to go see the $100 Show at the Gorilla House! Somehow I forgot, so here I am telling you about it after the fact!



Everything at the Gorilla House was $100, hence the name of the show (duh). A few weeks ago, during one of the live art battles, a woman approached me and said she was interested in purchasing several of my painting. How exciting! She ended up buying four of them – yay!! I always get excited when other people enjoy my work and want to look at it every day! What a wonderful thing!




Since I didn’t post this when I intended to, I will hold a mini-auction, with a minimum bid of $100, for the painting below, on my Facebook page. Just “like” my Facebook page and put your bid in the comments!


Gorilla House

Before I went on vacation, I had never heard of Gorilla House. Three days before we left, there was a plumber at our house; he saw me painting and mentioned Gorilla House to me. I was intrigued by the idea of their weekly art battles, and checked them out on Facebook. Two days later, I went to the gallery, and Rich (owner and head Gorilla!) asked me to bring in my art to show/sell at the gallery! So if you are in Calgary, please come by and check it out!

From what I can tell (since I haven’t been yet), the art battles are crazy fun gatherings of people who come to watch artists create art based on really random inspiration (chosen using a spinning arrow and various books and toys), in a two hour time limit. The art is then auctioned off to the crowd of assembled people (or those dragged in off the street – they are in a great location for drawing in people). There are videos of the battles which are fun to watch. I’m attending my first art battle today, so wish me luck! I’m excited!

Here’s the latest battle: