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Found Rainbows: NYC

These things make me happy. I love all these bright rainbow colors (especially on a snowy day like today) that I found at the Museum of Modern Art gift shop in NYC! I was so tempted to buy all of them, but I totally restrained myself. I collect memories of rainbow things, rather than the things themselves, I guess!

Measuring cups and bowls.

Rainbow tumblers


More placemats

MOMA punch-out calendar

Really had to restrain myself with this one!


Found Rainbows: Calgary

Found Rainbows (Mayfest)

Found Rainbows: Banff

I love this super-cute rainbow Space Invaders bag! I don’t use purses/bags enough to buy it, though.

An amazing wall of rainbow canisters at David’s Tea shop in Banff:

Found Rainbows (Serres, Greece)

August 2011



Found Rainbows

It occurred to me today that I should record more rainbows. I’ve always loved them – I inherited my love of rainbows from my mother! And when I say rainbows, I mean rainbow anything. This brilliant bit of beautiful organization was greeting me when I walked downstairs – courtesy of my 5 year old son! I guess he inherited it, too.