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Paintings: gifted, unfinished, and done!

First, here’s the painting I gave to my mom for her birthday. We share a love of rainbows!

Next, some works-in-progress!

The painting above used to look like this:

Which used to look like this:

Crazy, eh? I’m still filled with gratitude to Flora Bowley for opening up the doors for me to trust my process and really have fun with painting. I’ve been loving painting more than ever.

And finally, I finished a commissioned painting for a friend. Normally I get pretty worked up about whether people will like the painting they have asked me to do (especially when they give zero guidelines). In this case, though, I am truly happy with it, and can’t wait to deliver!

Some of my favorite bits:


Painting: a progression (part 2)

Sarah‘s painting, as I received it:

What I did to it:

Painted during Flora Bowley‘s Bloom True class at the Makerie. A magical experience. Click here to see part 1 of this post.

Painting: a progression (part 1).

Painted during Flora Bowley‘s Bloom True class at the Makerie. A magical experience.

What I learned from Flora.

Close-up of a painting in the early stages.


After taking Flora Bowley‘s “Bloom True” intuitive painting course at the Makerie last weekend, these are the things that have stayed with me:

1. Find what’s working and do more of it. This is the same thing Eva says to us in our Core Connexion dance classes.

2. There are no mistakes (always good to be reminded)!

3. Painting is so much fun.

4. I can paint for a whole day without one peep from my inner critic. (Holy CRAP! I never knew this was possible!)

5. The artists that I look up to don’t need to be placed on a pedestal. They are regular people, like me. We can even be friends.

6. I am capable of accomplishing big things.

7. I love my paintings.

8. Having creative friends in my life is crazy important to me.

9. Meeting people in person is so much better than online.

10. My need for quiet time should not be ignored.

11. I trust myself.

Life is Good.

My monthly visit with my life coach was today, and for the second time, there was very little to discuss. We decided to put our coaching relationship to an end (for now) because basically, my life is good. My life has a flow to it and there are no stumbling blocks that I need to talk about. Well, let me rephrase: There are no stumbling blocks that I haven’t stumbled over before or that I need to pay money to talk about. This is a pretty big deal for me, so I would like to remind myself periodically that life is good. I know some bloggers only tell you the good stuff in their lives, leading you to think that they are perfect in every which way, and that nothing bad ever happens to them. I don’t think I can be accused of this – just go back into my history and you’ll find plenty of honest-to-goodness “bad” stuff in there. Complaints, whining, that sort of thing. But I think it needs a bit of balance with some good stuff, so here goes.

Life is good!

I’ve got enough painting work to keep me busy for the next month and a bit.

I am stoked to visit and meet with people at the Makerie and super excited to take a class with Flora Bowley!

My kids, hubby and I are all enjoying relatively stress-free relationships (with each other, I mean) right now.

I am going to be dancing for a full week in April for Core Connexion training – I can’t wait!

My best friend Angela will be coming out to dance with me! Double YAY YAY!

My mom will be here for a week! Super duper YAY!

Looking forward to telling you all about a really exciting project coming up this fall! Triple YAY!

I hope you can find some goodness in your life, too.