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Self Portrait Thursday

For several years, I have thought about attempting the 365 Project; it involves taking a photo (it can be a self-portrait, but it doesn’t have to be) everyday, and posting it to a site like flickr. It seems challenging and I like the idea of having a collection of self-portraits at the end. My wonderful friend Mandy did two full years of the project, and I found her photographs to be so inspiring and delightfully creative.

On January 1st, I took a self-portrait with my iPhone, and decided then and there that I would jump right in.

Here is what I have so far, and let me tell you, it is really challenging to come up with unique and interesting ways to take a self-portrait! Let me know what you think so far!

PicMonkey Collage


Sick Comparisons

The Sketchbook Project p. 31-34.

In the first session of the e-course I am taking, Marisa mentions that we should be aware of comparing ourselves to others. (I think it’s kind of cool how that matches up with this sketchbook page that I am posting.) It’s something that I do a lot, as much as I don’t want to. I have a nasty little gremlin in my head that likes to point out how I just don’t measure up, can’t be successful where I live, that I paint the wrong things – everything is wrong. Jeez! Sometimes I want to tell my gremlin to shut it, but it’s a part of me and doesn’t take well to being treated so poorly. Meditation is helpful for sure. I can see it for what it is – just a voice in my head that wants to keep me safe.¬† I’m thinking it might be time for another look at “Taming Your Gremlin” by Rick Carson. What does your gremlin say to you? How do you treat it? What do you do to tame it?

I sent my sketchbook in for the Sketchbook Project today! Yay!! It’s going to take a while to get all the images up on flickr and to this blog. I might end up putting a whole bunch at once to get it over with, but for now I am spacing them out.









Greeting Cards on etsy

I figured out how to blog from flickr! Woohoo!!
My greeting cards are for sale at etsy. Just click the etsy shop link to the right.