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SelfLove365, Year 2, Day 202: Will


I tend to think that I lack the will-power to do the things that I say I want to do. The evidence is in my procrastination, and in how I have allowed my bad habits to control my life (spending too much time on my phone, and eating too much sugar). Lately though, my body has been speaking up, and it’s not happy. I’ve had symptoms that I think would be avoided if I stayed away from sugar. Sometimes my will needs a bit of a catalyst, or incentive, to be in working order, but I also need to be listening to my body.

This past week, I have been listening, and I have had many successful moments of sugar-avoidance. The more of these moments I can get under my belt, the easier they will become (I believe). I am using my will to form better habits so that I no longer need to use my will to overcome the bad ones.

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Fitness Commitments

I’m still going with last week’s Fitness Commitments: drinking 2L of water a day, and running (on my way to 5K). Yay, me! Here’s where I’m at with the running:

Two more days, and I’ll be half way there, according to this program. It’s a bit hard to believe. Well, two things: it’s hard to believe I ran 4 minutes straight today (that’s never happened before), and it’s really hard to believe I’ll be running 5 K in 4 more weeks. Woah. I’m starting to appreciate the sports psychology profession a lot more now. A huge part of running for me is the mental games I play while I’m doing it. Some of the time I want to give up, and other times I am coaching myself along. I have also experienced running as meditation (really, anything can be a meditation…so true, isn’t it?) It’s great to have my hubby doing the program almost at the same time as me – he is 2 days behind.

So… I am adding new commitments for this week!

1. No more eating when I’m bored. I’m going to check in and see if I am actually hungry. Then I’ll drink water. If I’m hungry after that, then I’ll eat, but I’ll check in with my body to see if I really need that spoonful of Nutella, or would a peach taste just as good right now? I am making this commitment right now, for a week while I’m at home, knowing full well that I’ll have to renew it after our vacation!

2. I am going to go to bed when I am tired. No more staying up late on the computer, or playing Bejeweled HD (just one more!). I have so many books I’d like to read and am always disappointed when I didn’t get to read more of them before bed. Again, this one is for a week, since I’m not sure how things will go while I’m on vacation!

I would love to hear what you will commit to this week!

Post Vacation Hangover

Post Vacation Hangover

Symptoms (may include but are not limited to):

  • Procrastination in the extreme. This includes checking your Facebook/Twitter/blog comments/Pinterest/Flickr every 1/2 hour. This would also include extensive research (and by “research” I mean watching videos) of puppies.
  • Thinking about what you want/should be doing instead of actually doing it. In my case, this means think about how I would like to be painting, but time is running out to get in a good session, so it’s not worth it. Then, feel guilty about not doing what you should be doing.
  • Eating. I don’t just mean meals, I mean eating to fill up time so that there is no time to do what you want to do (see above).
  • Thinking up excuses reasons why you need to “take it easy”. After all, you were just on vacation. Life is tough. Seriously though, I always seem to get sick after a holiday, so now it’s time for a second vacation! Getting sick means taking a break from working out, which means lower self-esteem, which means feeling guilty about all the above.
  • Wishing you were where you were a week ago (see below) instead of where you actually are (oh yeah, and then feeling guilty about not living in the present moment):

At Hollywood Studios (fake San Francisco!)


Start doing what you want to be doing. For me, this means painting. After painting for 2 hours today, suddenly I have ideas, I want to work out again, I stop feeling guilty about procrastinating, and my self-esteem goes up. Yay!


Empty Eating and Wild Dancing

The Sketchbook Project p. 24-25.

The house is empty: the kids are at a sleepover at Oma’s, and my husband pulled an all-nighter at work (he’s still not back, and it’s 9 am!). I love the quiet, but I also notice how I try to fill the emptiness. With food. It helps that I am reading a book about this right now, so it is in my awareness. It doesn’t help that there are way too many cookies in the house. But I did stop myself from eating that first cookie.

Last night was another Wednesday night dance, and it was the first in weeks where I felt like I had loads of energy, and could move as quickly as the music. I love the feeling of wild dancing abandon! Of totally letting go and connecting with the other souls moving around me. That’s what keeps me coming back every week.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do it, because what the world needs are people who have come alive.”

Howard Thurman


My Other Self

The Sketchbook Project, p. 19-20.
In a parallel universe, I am doing all the things that are healthy for me. I drink when I am thirsty, rather than eat. I sleep when I am tired, rather than play a game or watch a movie. I grab a carrot instead of a cookie.

I know I am being hard on myself, and not looking at all the good things I am doing. So, here’s a list of the good things I am doing, to remind myself:

1. Exercising every other day – this has been for a year and a half.

2. Eating reasonably well – by that I mean that I don’t drink pop or coffee, and eat from all the food groups.

3. I (mostly) take my iron and Ca supplements.

I can’t think of anything else.

Here are the things I would like to change, but have been letting my cravings overtake my desire for change:

1. Drink when thirsty. Seems basic, but I usually eat instead.

2. Lower my sugar consumption. Perhaps the holidays are the worst time to try this.

3. Find an alternative to grabbing a piece of chocolate when dealing with stress. Although, if it’s a high quality dark chocolate, maybe it’s okay, right?!!

4. Stop snacking in the evenings. This is a tough one, but if I could stick to #1, maybe it would work. Eating is such a social thing, and if I see my husband eating, I feel like joining in.

5. Go to sleep when I am tired!

Hm, looks like I have some New Year’s resolutions here. Or not. I don’t want the pressure of resolutions, but I do want to try to make a change. What do you think – one thing at a time? All at the same time?