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Pay What You Want!

Space Grab


This 2010 watercolour painting is now **PAY WHAT YOU WANT**. ‪#‎tbt‬

Last night I wrote about being able to see how far I’ve come with my art, and this series really helps me to realize how I’ve matured with my art, and how much more open and vulnerable I am willing to be.

1. Today only, send me a message telling me about how you have changed since 2010.

2. What is your offer? (Shipping and handling not included).

3. I will contact you tomorrow!

“Space Grab”, watercolour and ink on paper, 4″ x 6″.

Self Love 365, Year 3.

So, I’m back.

I began another SelfLove365 project in January, although it took me a few days to figure out what I wanted to do. The first year, I drew something I liked about myself, in a 1″ x 1″ square, every day. The second year (last year), I wrote about self love, using the previous year’s square for inspiration. As last year’s project drew to completion, I knew that I wanted to continue with my daily practice, but I couldn’t think of something that felt right. At first, I wanted to do a gratitude project of some kind, during which I would make a painting for a person in my life… daily? Weekly? It didn’t feel right to switch my SelfLove365 project to a weekly thing, but I also couldn’t imagine getting one painting finished per day, at least, not at this point in my life.

My friend Mandy and I had been discussing getting matching skull tattoos together, and she wanted me to draw it. I decided to practice drawing skulls, and after doing a little bit of journaling around the image, I knew my next project had begun. The whole point of SelfLove365, as the name implies, is to practice a little bit of self love on a daily basis. For me, that means a daily creative act. So, this year, I chose daily drawing and journaling. Initially I kept with the anatomical theme, and then eventually started including live body parts (as opposed to cadaverous) and faces. Then, I had a friend ask me to draw him, and enjoyed it enough to continue with the portrait theme. So… because I have waited so long to blog about my new project, I have many images to share with you! I hope you enjoy SelfLove365 so far!

Pay What You Want!

A Love Like That

This painting is one from the series of paintings I did when I first decided to venture outside of my sketchbook to begin selling my art. 2010!! It’s vintage!
“Whole Sky”, watercolour and ink on paper, 4″ x 6”, framed

It’s #ff! And time to PAY WHAT YOU WANT.

1. Today only, send me a message telling me one thing about love in your life.

2. Tell me your offer (shipping not included).

3. I will contact you tomorrow!


Perfectionism doesn’t die easily.

If at all. Lots of thinking during my last day at the beach. Not all of it on paper yet, though.


SelfLove365 :: Almost Done!


Only four days left of SelfLove365! I began this project on Jan 1 of this year, drawing a 1″ x 1″ square of something I love (or like, or tolerate accept) about myself with the hope of loving myself by the end of the year.


It’s been a tremendous journey. I’ve learned many things along the way. One is: why do I need to love myself in the first place? Another: if I am loving myself, who is the “I” doing the loving, and who is being loved? Yet another: I can not be described by any one thing. I am all things, at different times. We all are.

Doing something creative on a daily basis has brought so many benefits into my life; because I am being creative everyday, I wasn’t once hard on myself for not being creative, even when I hadn’t painted during a two week period. Also, the daily practice gave me a sense of accomplishment and committment, even while I let go of other major commitments in my life (mainly, my marriage). I was also asked to teach a SelfLove365 class earlier in the year, and I jumped in, even though I haven’t taught a class before. It was a great experience, and has given me the courage to leap into other ventures. This class led me to also start a SelfLove365 Facebook group (please join us and share your projects!)


I am ready (and scared) to begin my new 365 project. I am going to tackle writing (this feels challenging to me, that’s why!) with the focus again on SelfLove. Each day, I will write an entry based on the square that I drew for that day in 2014. My ultimate goal here is to create a SelfLove365 Book. Ack! Scary! This is the only way I can think of to commit to it. I have had “write SelfLove365 book” on my To Do List for the past 5 months or so, and nothing has really happened! I look forward to starting on January 1st, and to receiving your encouragement and support in this project (Please! Thanks!).


Happy New Year everyone!


SelfLove365: Day 241
My brain is a jumble, like it usually is after vacation, and there is so much to do and catch up on. When I am able to concentrate, I get through things much quicker. Allowing for breaks makes it all more doable, too.
I’m finding my daily meditations to be the best practice for this.


More SelfLove 365

I’ve been on holiday, but still faithfully working in my squares: