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SelfLove365, Year 2, Day 77: Energy


That’s kind of weird. I chose to listen to “Energy” by Collective Soul a few times today already, and now I see that it’s the word for the day. The lyrics mean nothing to me, but the song does have the ability to get me moving.

This is a lesson I need to keep relearning (see Day 75 about lessons): Keep moving! Lately, I have been wanting to think less and feel more; to obsess less and be present more. Trying to “stop obsessing” is like trying to to get me to not eat Nutella when it’s right in front of my face: not going to happen. I need something else to draw me away, and something effective. It turns out that my body is the answer (which I knew, but conveniently forgot. Again.)

When I dance, I don’t think. When I dance, I don’t obsess. When I dance, I build energy, I create energy, and I have energy.

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SelfLove365, Year 2, Day 21: (dance)


When I feel like I’m not good enough, I dance.
If I am feeling rejected or not worthy, I dance.
Today I thought I wasn’t succeeding at life, so I danced.
When I have a reason to celebrate, I dance.
You know what I really want to do? Turn on my music and dance in the aisle of an airplane, and get everyone to join me.
When I’m bored, I dance. OK, I admit, I am never bored.
When I go out to dance, I dance.
When my back is out and I’m in pain, I dance (and yes, it always helps).
If I am feeling sad and lonely, I dance.
Before I start painting or creating, I dance.
To connect to other people in a way like no other, to really know them in an intimate way, I dance.
When I am lying in bed sick, in my thoughts, I dance.
In the shower, I dance.
In the kitchen, I dance.
In my car, I dance.
In the aisles of Safeway, I dance.

My friend said to me, “we are always dancing.”

When I live, I dance.


Self-Portrait Thursday

Twilight, after a wonderful evening of dancing.

Gratitude Tuesday and Happy Birthday MOM!

Happy Birthday to my amazing, beautiful, creative and inspiring mother, a.k.a. MA! My mom has given me so much: my love of rainbows, my competitive streak, my parenting style, my scoliosis survival, my knitting and crochet knowledge, my love of yarn and books, and the list goes on and on. Thank you Ma, for everything you do. I love you. xoxo

Today, I am grateful for:

1. My mom spending last week with us and taking care of the kids and cooking while I danced for 6 days straight during the Core Connexion teacher training! My mom rocks!

2. Spending the weekend dancing with my BFF, Angela!

3. The supportive and wonderful dance community.

4. Warm weather is back!

5. My back supports me.

6. The feeling of slipping between freshly laundered, high thread count, sheets. Oh, and our amazing mattress.

Life is Good.

My monthly visit with my life coach was today, and for the second time, there was very little to discuss. We decided to put our coaching relationship to an end (for now) because basically, my life is good. My life has a flow to it and there are no stumbling blocks that I need to talk about. Well, let me rephrase: There are no stumbling blocks that I haven’t stumbled over before or that I need to pay money to talk about. This is a pretty big deal for me, so I would like to remind myself periodically that life is good. I know some bloggers only tell you the good stuff in their lives, leading you to think that they are perfect in every which way, and that nothing bad ever happens to them. I don’t think I can be accused of this – just go back into my history and you’ll find plenty of honest-to-goodness “bad” stuff in there. Complaints, whining, that sort of thing. But I think it needs a bit of balance with some good stuff, so here goes.

Life is good!

I’ve got enough painting work to keep me busy for the next month and a bit.

I am stoked to visit and meet with people at the Makerie and super excited to take a class with Flora Bowley!

My kids, hubby and I are all enjoying relatively stress-free relationships (with each other, I mean) right now.

I am going to be dancing for a full week in April for Core Connexion training – I can’t wait!

My best friend Angela will be coming out to dance with me! Double YAY YAY!

My mom will be here for a week! Super duper YAY!

Looking forward to telling you all about a really exciting project coming up this fall! Triple YAY!

I hope you can find some goodness in your life, too.



Painting for me.

Lately I’ve been painting safe. Painting for others. Painting what I think other people want to see. What evidence do I have that staying safe will actually help me? None, actually. What evidence do I have that taking a risk will benefit me? Surprisingly, there is some; the paintings that people respond to the most, are the ones that I have painted from my heart, rather than my head. They are the ones that piss me off, make me angry, and the ones that I dislike the most. But they are also the ones that people respond to, and the ones that people want to buy. I guess it makes sense; if I’m feeling something as I paint, you’ll feel something when you look.

This is my goal now – to paint more from my body, less from my head. Paint what I like, not what I think others will like. It sounds so simple, but sometimes it isn’t easy. Using watercolors forces me to accept what is happening – they are harder to control than acrylics. I’m going to start playing more, and accepting more and using more watercolors. Oh, and dancing before I paint, to help me get out of my head.

After taking the intuitive painting workshop with Michele Cassou, I thought that I had to keep this kind of painting separate from my “work painting”. Now I am not so sure. This is all an experiment. I’ll let you know how it goes!