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Meeting the Creative Coconuts

Last year, I joined the “Creative Coconuts”, an online creative community started by Marisa from Creative Thursday. [This community has recently ended, just so you don’t go looking for it!] I met so many great people there, and got to know them through the community and on Twitter. When we found out that Marisa was going to be teaching at the Makerie, four of us jumped at the chance to meet (and create) in real life!

I flew in a day early and stayed with Anne and her family in Boulder. I adored them all and had to laugh when Anne was worried about whether or not I would be comfortable with the high energy of her kids. Luckily, I am quite used to that, with three of my own!

The following day we met with Sarah for lunch, before heading up to the retreat for registration. Amazing brunch was eaten at tangerine. If you are ever there, please try the “Green Eggs and Ham” – sooo yummy!

Sarah and I in front of “Art is Power, Create a Spark” posters.

Sarah’s instagram photo of Anne and I with Marisa’s fabric at Fabricate.

Monica and I at our Bloom True class!

The Creative Coconuts meet in person!

The Coconuts go crazy!

I am so grateful to have met these four amazing women, and I am looking forward to another reunion.


I’m back from Los Angeles! I had a picture in my head of how I thought L.A. would be, and it really wasn’t like the picture in my head at all. Maybe I didn’t see enough of it to know, but considering I was staying right in Hollywood, I doubt it.

I stayed at a quirky Bed & Breakfast, aptly named the Hollywood B&B. I would go back there in a heartbeat – friendly owners, clean room, good breakfast, pool out back – what more could you ask for? (ok, a gym would be nice, but it’s not happening at B&Bs.)

During the weekend, I took an intuitive painting workshop with Michele Cassou. I have read her books and done some process painting in the past, so it was wonderful to finally meet her and learn more about it! In a nutshell, Michele teaches painting as process, rather than focusing on a product. It’s a way to get the creativity flowing, and really notice how the mind works to prevent that from happening! Very similar to a meditation retreat, except that the brush is always moving. I would love to try one of her longer workshops, as two days was barely scratching the surface.

I met up with my cousin Chloe for dinner on Sunday night.(right)

On Monday I had the chance to meet Jenny Doh,  author extraordinaire! I recently contributed to a project that Jenny is working on and will come out next year. Super excited about that! We ate brunch and then did a little collaborative drawing in my sketchbook (read about it on Jenny’s blog here!) You know how when you are sitting with someone, and there’s silence and you feel kind of awkward? Well, it wasn’t like that. We are both on the introverted side, and our moment of sketching silence was comforting to me, like a cozy mug of hot chocolate on a cold winter day (which describes Calgary, not L.A.). I really enjoyed the conversation we had, and listening to some of Jenny’s observations about painting.

Later on Monday, Marisa from Creative Thursday (who I have admired since I saw her in an magazine issue of Where Women Create several years ago) stopped by the B&B. [An interesting point to note: Jenny Doh co-wrote the book called “Where Women Create”. Cool!]

Marisa brought her computer and huge Yeti (see me hogging the Yeti?) and we sat and chat and recorded a podcast for the Creative Coconuts, interspersed with several minutes of coughing fits on my part! We had dinner at a cute little French restaurant.  I felt such a mix of disbelief (that I was finally meeting Marisa for real) and that feeling as if we’ve been friends for a long time- kind of a strange mix.

I had a wonderful time and look forward to seeing both Jenny and Marisa again at the Makerie in April!

P.S. – Apparently this is my 100th post!