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SelfLove365, Year 2, Day 230: Sense of Colour


Colours bring me joy, they allow and support my self-expression, and they are my inspiration.

Dioxazine purple brings a harmony, balance and playfulness.

Phthalo blue imparts serenity and beauty.

Diarylide yellow join in boldly, with a happy face.

Payne’s gray acknowledges my sadness and insecurities.

Quidnacridone magenta unifies and adds a spark of excitement.

Nickel azo yellow is the quiet one, making friends with most others.

Pyrrole red is the bold statement, “Look at me!”

White and black are the extremes, the binary, the contrast.

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SelfLove365, Year 2, Day 17: Love of Colour


The other day, I was asked if there is a colour I don’t like. “Yeah, brown”, I said. Then I was asked if I think brown is a bad colour. No, I don’t. It’s not good or bad. It just is. And really, I don’t hate it. And actually, I don’t not like it. If I really think about brown, I have a genuine appreciation and fondness for many brown things. Yeah, chocolate is the first one that comes to mind. Brown is one of those supporting characters that make the other colours look good. How can I not like that?

I was once asked which colour I couldn’t live without. At the time, the answer was yellow, because it was in all my paintings. Still is, but I would add teal to that. And red. Pyrrole red. And magenta. Ha! Now you see the problem that arises when I paint. All the colours want to have my attention, and I can’t say no to any of them for very long. I love colours!

Gratitude Tuesday

Today I am grateful for:

    • Getting some painting done this morning (a big accomplishment with a 6-year old painting in the same room! We actually painted together for 1 1/2 hours, with very little talking! I’m amazed.)

      part of a work in progress!

    • Colour! The more I paint, the more I appreciate colour. Just check out the secondary colours from my cooking last night!
  • Financial wellness
  • A long phone call with my online friend Denice – one day, we shall meet!
  • My daily dose of Sammy – photo and video updates of my adorable, brand-new nephew!
  • Feeling closer to my brother, now that we are both parents. My respect and love for him is growing every time I see him with his son (he has a SON!! WOW! I’m still blown away by this).

Self-Portrait Thursday

I love the colours I have on today, and how they all match! I used to be hard on myself for painting with so much colour; I even had that gremlin voice come back a bit today to tell me that I use too much. But mostly, I am pretty accepting that that’s who I am, that’s what I love, that is how I will paint! This is a truth in my life: Colour brings me joy.

In Praise of Yellow

Ask me what my favourite colour is and I really, truly, can’t pick one. The beauty of colour, for me, is seeing them all together, in so many different combinations. How could I live with just one? I used to say green, because, well, it’s pretty awesome, and someone pointed out to me how it “goes” with everything, especially in nature. Have you ever looked at a flower and thought that the green leaves clashed with the colour of the petals? I didn’t think so. But anyway, today I realized that there is one colour I can’t live without.


Yellow is my constant companion in almost everything I paint. It’s cheery, and while I will never wear it next to my face, I am thankful for it blending so well with so many colours. Cadmium is my favourite, but lemon yellow certainly has its place, too.

Thank you, yellow!



Found Rainbows (Serres, Greece)

August 2011