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Leggings and more! <3

Loads of new products, and FREE SHIPPING until September 13, midnight PST!
I can’t wait to get my own leggings with my paintings on them!

Several people have purchased the leggings recently and love them. Yay!

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Leggings in the shop!

My Society 6 shop now has LEGGINGS!! And so much other stuff. FREE SHIPPING until Sunday!





Inspire at Triple Flip

I’m so excited to show you my art on a bodysuit, made by Triple Flip!! Triple Flip is a Canadian clothing company, with roots right here in Calgary! The clothes are bright and bold, and they have a special focus on fit, which is really important for the preteen years; anyone with preteen girls knows how hard it can be to find clothes that fit properly, are age-appropriate, AND look good.

Over a year ago, the company asked me if they could use this painting to create a bodysuit:



Here it is… how cool is this?! I love it!

Photo from Triple Flip.

Photo from Triple Flip.

Photo from Triple Flip.

Photo from Triple Flip.

Painted Apparel

New for me today: I was inspired by my clothing. I am usually inspired by my cousins, the Beckermans – the clothes they wear are gorgeous, the combinations are wonderful, and the creativity they show is mind-blowing. But me, I’m a stay-at-home mom, no need for heels and Gucci. So for me to be inspired by my own clothes is pretty rare!

I love this holey kensie top – it’s so retro 80’s! I still have a tank with holes from the early 80’s that my Grandma bought me in Paris. The cowl is a gift from my mega-talented mother.

Anyway, I took this wardrobe and turned it into a watercolor painting. Let me know what you think!