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Support Handmade: Last Bits of Boulder

Oh yes, I still have more to tell you about the Firefly Market from my trip to Boulder in April. But this is the last bit, I swear (I think).

I bought a few teeny-weeny peg dolls from Happy Abby Peg Dolls. They are so sweet, and can be bought as is, used as cake toppers, or put onto necklaces. I was really tempted to buy the Wonder Woman doll, but the next time I looked, it was gone.

The other shop that I loved was “A Monster to Love“. A dad and his twin sons work together to make these awesome monster dolls, and according to their pamphlet, for every monster they sell, they donate a monster twin to a child who could use one. How sweet is that? They are definitely on my “to buy from” list.

By the way, you should check out this cute video about the Firefly Market. You’ll see the peg dolls, and my friend Sarah purchasing a monster!

Support Handmade! : Black Kite

While I was in Boulder, attending the Makerie, there was a Firefly handmade market with wonderful things to look at, admire, and (ahem) purchase! One of my favorites was Black Kite – a shop with wonderfully bright and bold shirts for boys, made by Lindsay Black Mangat. The tag line for the shop is “bold shirts. confident boys”. That drew me in, and I was very tempted by the amazing fabrics. What finally sold me on buying a shirt, aside from being handmade and well-made, is that each shirt has an inspirational message sewn to the inside of the front pocket. How cute is that? The message I bought for my son: “Walk tall. Think BIG.” Doesn’t he look kind of Elvis-y here? We should have put the collar up!

Found Rainbows: Boulder, CO

Meeting the Creative Coconuts

Last year, I joined the “Creative Coconuts”, an online creative community started by Marisa from Creative Thursday. [This community has recently ended, just so you don’t go looking for it!] I met so many great people there, and got to know them through the community and on Twitter. When we found out that Marisa was going to be teaching at the Makerie, four of us jumped at the chance to meet (and create) in real life!

I flew in a day early and stayed with Anne and her family in Boulder. I adored them all and had to laugh when Anne was worried about whether or not I would be comfortable with the high energy of her kids. Luckily, I am quite used to that, with three of my own!

The following day we met with Sarah for lunch, before heading up to the retreat for registration. Amazing brunch was eaten at tangerine. If you are ever there, please try the “Green Eggs and Ham” – sooo yummy!

Sarah and I in front of “Art is Power, Create a Spark” posters.

Sarah’s instagram photo of Anne and I with Marisa’s fabric at Fabricate.

Monica and I at our Bloom True class!

The Creative Coconuts meet in person!

The Coconuts go crazy!

I am so grateful to have met these four amazing women, and I am looking forward to another reunion.

There are no words. Then again…

Last night I returned home from the Makerie retreat in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. There is so much to say, so many pictures to show, I just can’t do it all at once. I am aiming to share it all with your over the next week or so. It might take awhile. For now, there is this:

This weekend changed my life.