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Keep on Moving!

Last weekend we went to a friend’s house to play board games all afternoon, and into the evening. It was a marathon session of gaming! There were 10 people there. I stayed at the high table so I could stand up, and for those of you interested, I played Dominion: Prosperity, Forbidden Island, Yggdrasil (want to buy it!), Fistful of Penguins, and 7 Wonders.

To take care of my back, I usually stand up, whether I’m eating, typing, gaming, you name it. However, seven straight hours of standing in one spot definitely took its toll on my back. While I didn’t get crooked (as I usually do), I did have a very sore and achy lower back. Normally my first instinct when this happens is to slow everything down. I stop my ab workouts (which is usually a good idea), and my movements become very slow and kind of creaky. This time, I decided to keep going to the gym (my regular schedule is every other day), to keep on moving.

I was extra sore yesterday because the day before that I had started the “Couch to 5K” app – yes, I am learning how to run! I never, EVER thought I could run, but I am inspired to do it, and I have no idea why! This morning, I wondered whether I should continue the running, since it was a big reason for my soreness, but I went for it (after promising myself I would stop if it hurt my back at all). During my workout, I felt amazing! I couldn’t tell my back was sore, I felt pumped up (“I’m Hans…I’m Franz… and we’re here to pump… YOU UP!”), and I was totally motivated. So, the moral of this story is something that I already knew from dancing every week, but hadn’t fully translated to my life outside of dance: KEEP MOVING! Our bodies are made to move, and movement can heal.

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