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I’ve been sadly neglecting my Etsy shop. 😦
So to make it feel better, I listed this painting… yay! Click to buy!


Valentine’s Day :: Painting Auction!

"Intimacy"  Auction painting.

“Intimacy” Auction painting.

Happy Valentine’s Day! This painting was created exclusively for a special Valentine’s event happening tonight.

24″ x 24″ x 2″

This painting is now up for auction!

Starting bid: $100

Shipping not included. ($40 Canada, $50 US)

Bidding ends at 10:30 pm M.S.T., February 14, 2014.

Please bid in the comment section of this post.

Here is a video of the painting in progress:

Prints! and parenting… and procrastination.

It’s been over year since I had the idea of making printed reproductions of my paintings. It took me months to research the place to do get it done, another few months to get it done, and another few months to actually tell you about it.

My “To Do” list is so long, that very little actually gets done. After painting (which takes most of my time), there is not much time in my day left for the other things I would like to do. I can accept this. I am a mother of three children, so my time is split between household responsibilities, and my artistic career. I am not willing to put in the night hours, working after my children are in bed – that would make me insane (after making me tired, cranky, and probably sick). My evenings are usually filled with dancing or class meetings, or spending time with my hubby. Sometimes I wonder if I just don’t take myself seriously enough, but mostly, I feel like I have a good balance. So, when I am wondering why I am not in galleries yet, or why I am not selling more paintings yet, or why there isn’t a greater demand for my work yet, I remind myself that I get what I put into this process, and this is as much as I am willing to put in right now.

Rarely do I remember to look back to pre-2009, but I should. I can remind myself of how far I have come. Before 2009, I knew I wanted to be an artist. No wait, I knew I was an artist, but I was so good at procrastinating, and kept putting off creating. There was something really scary about starting on the path of becoming an artist. Scarier than a blank canvas, scarier than the blank page – this was a blank path, and I was so scared to take that first step.

I’m so glad I did.

(just do it)

My prints are available in my Etsy shop. I still have one more to list – it might take me another few weeks to do that (ha!).


This Weekend at Signal Hill Library


This weekend, I did some live intuitive painting at the Signal Hill Library in Calgary. It was a little bit quiet on Saturday, but there were enough people coming by to chat to keep me awake! To begin the first painting, I asked two children to help me out – they added little figures and I worked the painting around the figures. It’s not the first time I have asked children to help me, but it is the first time I have kept the additions completely visible!



On Sunday, I began another painting, and had a blast talking with my friend Elaine (with me in the photo below). I also got to meet two online friends! These photos were taken by one of them, Gisele Hardock.



Thank you to the Calgary Public Library (Signal Hill Branch) for this wonderful opportunity!

I’m also happy to say that this painting sold on the weekend.. YAY!

“What’s Below” : : Painting Auction!


I am pretty sure you need more colour in your life… right? Today’s painting is now up for auction. I am trying something new today… I will continue the auction on my Facebook page, and you are welcome to head over there to bid, but I will also welcome bids in the comments of this post and I’ll keep them both updated.

Starting bid $30

Please enter your bid in the comments below.

Bidding will end today, July 18, 2013 at 10:00 pm M.S.T.

Shipping is $30 to Canada, $40 to U.S.

Painting measures 16″ x 20″ and is painted on the edges. You can either hang it as is, or frame it to your liking.

Colors on your monitor may differ slightly from the original.

Good luck!


My paintings are now up at Eleven:Eleven boutique in Kensington! Yay! I love this store. The clothes are fantastic, original and Canadian-designed! Here is the story of Eleven:Eleven (I’m including it because I can’t say it any better!)

“Eleven:Eleven Boutique is inspired by owner Lana Selbee’s love of everything colourful, earthy, and organic, either locally produced or fair trade. The best of all things creative meet in this one-of-a-kind boutique.

Eleven:Eleven carries a variety of lines produced by independent Canadian designers, from Montreal to Salt Spring Island, with a focus on our own Calgary designers and artisans. The styles range from professional and formal evening attire to casual, eclectic pieces for Downward Dogs and frolicking outdoors at your favourite summer festival.

Committed to contributing towards environmental and social sustainability, we provide you with the best of Canadian fashion from companies with mandates centered on creating sustainable and ethical (and best of all local) goods.

Every item is made with creativity and love. Enough of the mass-produced and machine-made, our shop is for those who can’t bear to follow the crowd. We are about freedom of expression, living comfortably, and buying choices that make a positive impact on the world. We are one people sharing one earth. Let’s do things a little differently.”

Great clothes, my birthday (11:11), what more could you ask for? I am super excited to be showing my paintings at Eleven:Eleven. This one has already sold and left the premises!

Photo 2012-06-26 2 23 22 PM

There will be a Wine and Cheese reception on Wednesday July 17th, from 6 to 9 pm. I look forward to seeing you there!

Check out Eleven:Eleven on Facebook!

Painting Video Part Two!

Did you see my first video? Here is the exciting conclusion! 🙂

This painting will be auctioned on my Facebook page, ending on Thursday, June 20, 2013!

Painting Videos!

I am really excited to show you the first in my series of painting videos! This is Part One, and Part Two will follow soon. The painting will then be auctioned on my Facebook page! I hope you enjoy watching me paint – I’m really, really fast! 😉

Thank you readers! and…Present: in PINK!

Hi everyone – I know I haven’t been the best blogger lately. To be honest, I’ve been spending a lot more time over at my Facebook page (feel free to join me there, too!) But I still have every intention of getting back to regular blogging.. eventually. In the meantime, to thank you for your support, I would like to offer my lovely blog readers FREE SHIPPING with purchases of over $100, in my Etsy shop, until Saturday, June 1, 2013. Use the coupon code: BLOG0513 to get the discount!

I am finally getting around to putting up new items in my shop! To start, here is a new greeting card, blank inside, with “present” on the image.


To purchase, click here!

Thank you for your support!

Studio Tuesday!

You may have noticed (or maybe not) that I haven’t been blogging much in the last 4 months. We were having our house renovated, and it was, overall, a great experience, but left little time for blogging. Anyway, I now have a real studio, with electricity and everything!! Here are a couple photos from downstairs – you may notice how white it still is. I was having trouble breaking it in, but finally did it today – there are now paint drips on the walls and floor!



While we were out of the house, friends of mine graciously lent me their basement to use as a temporary studio space. This is the painting that I gave to them in gratitude for their generosity!


Here are a few paintings that left my studio space last year, without me talking about them. I made the first one for my friend Harold at Gorilla House. When I arrived that night to give it to him, a woman who was visiting GH fell in love with the painting, so I sold it to her and made Harold the new one you see below the first!



Here are a couple of paintings that are hanging around the studio – they are looking for new homes, but I have yet to make listings for them. If you are interested in any, just let me know.