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Flashback Friday: 1989

I really felt like working in a Flashback Friday today because I am super excited to go watch “Breakin'” today with my friend Eden. Granted, it’s from 1984, but hey, the 80’s are the 80’s. Here’s a shot of me from 1989 at Niagra Falls. Fashion of the times: acid-wash jean jacket (ugh!), flood pants, penny loafers, and LeSportsac purse. Wow. Just, wow.

Scan 4

From the cassette vault: “Standing in the Shower…Thinking”, by Jane’s Addiction. A classic album, and listening to it today, I realize that I still only have it on cassette. iTunes, here I come.

Flashback Friday: 1989

Here I am, on the right, at National Music Camp/Interlochen Arts Camp (I can’t remember when they changed the name, but this is the same camp I wrote about yesterday), with some of my cabin-mates. Fashion of the times: big glasses, button-down shirt, high-waist, tight-fitting jeans, penny loafer-ish shoes.

From the cassette vault ..Ministry. This was what I used to listen to when I was pissed off about something!