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Brooklyn Art Library

Our trip to NYC this year included a stop at the Brooklyn Art Library, just like last year. We wanted to give our sketchbooks some love and check out a few new ones, too.

We looked at some incredible books. First, we checked out books by my pen-pal friend, Jeannine Saylor. Her books have a sweet straight-forward style to them- they are lovely to look at.

Then we looked at a book by an illustrator named Gina Perry. She has such tiny detail in her work – it was so much fun to look at.

My favorite book there was by Lauren Schroer, from Chicago, IL. She used the theme “Sandwich”. I loved poring over that book!!

We also loved this book with cute monsters by Marie O’Riordan, from Toronto, Ontario.

Finally, one of my favorite pages of the day, by Berry Villegas, from Orlando, FL:

Sketchbook Project Update

Three of my Sketchbook Project books have been digitized! You can see them here:
Sketchbook Project 2011
Sketchbook Project 2012
Sketchbook Project Limited Edition

We are going to visit the sketchbooks at the Brooklyn Art Library again this year. Looking forward to it! I have a list of sketchbooks to check out, and I will take out my own to give them some lovin’ (and make sure the pages aren’t sticking together!).

I’m busy finishing the second half of my Sketchbook Project 2013, which isn’t due until January. Here’s what I have so far:

Adolescent Snowflake

Ever since my daughters were little, I would try to picture what our lives would be like sometime down the road, at different ages and stages. This is pretty much impossible to do, though, isn’t it? What do we have to go on other than our children’s temperaments, and what other people tell us it will be like? I have noticed that I focus more on the latter, and I think this is a misguided way of anticipating the future. It’s even possible that by assuming my experience will be like what I have seen other people go through (or worse, on t.v. or movies), I may duplicate that experience. Does that make sense? For example, it’s widely assumed that teenagers are a royal pain in the ass – that it is just a stage parents hope to get through. We expect that it will be difficult because we have seen countless examples of it in entertainment, and we are just led to believe it. If we expect this, isn’t it more likely to be our experience of our own children? Why not enter the stage (and all stages) with an open mind, or even expecting that it will be a breeze? Is this just naive?

It’s just like the “terrible twos”; I expected that stage to be difficult, because many people said it would be (and it’s kind of implied by “terrible”). But really, once I understood that children at this stage have tantrums for a good reason (tired, hungry, getting sick), it was probably easier to get through them and enjoy the amazing things about that stage. Or maybe I am just blissfully forgetful because my kids are older now. In any case, my goal is to enjoy my children at all stages. They are growing so quickly, it’s blowing my mind. I still have my old diaries from my teen years, just in case I need some perspective!

Uptight Chains

The next spread in my Sketchbook Project, Limited Edition. I really like the chains, and I totally meant to do more in this book, but it just didn’t happen. As for the doodling comment, I was definitely fighting my gremlin that day. I would really like to develop some new doodling patterns, designs, techniques, etc. I guess the only way for that to happen is to keep drawing and hope that some pop out.

Two more sleeps until I leave for the Makerie! I can’t wait. I will be posting about it when I return!

Sketchbook Project LE

The deadline for the Sketchbook Project Limited Edition is fast approaching, and I need to get drawing! I’m almost half finished, but I just started scanning the images. I really need to get to work on this one! Anyway, here’s the intro page!