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The Waldorf Faire

Whew! What an exhausting weekend! It is hard work to stay all smiles, and talk to people for 7 hours straight (after a day of setting up), especially for an introvert! I was pretty wiped about 2 hours in, but hopefully it wasn’t too obvious.

The day went well, although there are things I will change for next year, for sure. I sold all ten copies of Journal It!, one painting, and lots of cards, pins and magnets. I would love to sell more paintings, but I think my display needs to be more open, more accessible, so people can step right up to the art. Half the time, I didn’t think people noticed the paintings behind me, because of all the things I had to look at on the table! All in all, it was a fun day, and I was happy with it.

I was very happy to sell this painting to Denise. Thank you, Denise!

My friend Yvonne and her felting-partner had a beautiful table with lots of little hand-felted critters, with skating ponds, an igloo, trees, the works. It was stunning.

I still have plenty of magnets, paintings, and cards available. I also painted a mirror and a lazy Susan, both of which I love. I may decide to keep the mirror, but for now, it is available and perfect for the young girl in your life!

Support Handmade: Last Bits of Boulder

Oh yes, I still have more to tell you about the Firefly Market from my trip to Boulder in April. But this is the last bit, I swear (I think).

I bought a few teeny-weeny peg dolls from Happy Abby Peg Dolls. They are so sweet, and can be bought as is, used as cake toppers, or put onto necklaces. I was really tempted to buy the Wonder Woman doll, but the next time I looked, it was gone.

The other shop that I loved was “A Monster to Love“. A dad and his twin sons work together to make these awesome monster dolls, and according to their pamphlet, for every monster they sell, they donate a monster twin to a child who could use one. How sweet is that? They are definitely on my “to buy from” list.

By the way, you should check out this cute video about the Firefly Market. You’ll see the peg dolls, and my friend Sarah purchasing a monster!

Support Handmade: jane e roberti

Oh yes, my purchases from Boulder are not over yet. I still have to tell you about the amazing rings I bought from jane e roberti! They have beautiful botanical designs cut out of aluminum, which are riveted to chunky wooden rings. The rings are super light and I barely notice they are there, despite their chunky size!

Jane also makes other handcrafted jewelry and accessories.

Self-Portrait Thursday and Support Handmade! : by elke

Here’s another of my purchases from the Firefly Market in Boulder, CO: leather cuffs by elke. Her booth was packed with people – she was definitely one of the more popular vendors! When I tried these 2 cuffs, I knew I had to wear them together – a wonderful rainbow! The next day I went back to the booth and elke told me I inspired her to wear them as a pair, too! These are called “Hombre Wrap Bracelets” and they have antique shirt studs.

I love this silver cuff. It goes with my hair, and makes me feel like Wonder Woman.

Support Handmade! : Black Kite

While I was in Boulder, attending the Makerie, there was a Firefly handmade market with wonderful things to look at, admire, and (ahem) purchase! One of my favorites was Black Kite – a shop with wonderfully bright and bold shirts for boys, made by Lindsay Black Mangat. The tag line for the shop is “bold shirts. confident boys”. That drew me in, and I was very tempted by the amazing fabrics. What finally sold me on buying a shirt, aside from being handmade and well-made, is that each shirt has an inspirational message sewn to the inside of the front pocket. How cute is that? The message I bought for my son: “Walk tall. Think BIG.” Doesn’t he look kind of Elvis-y here? We should have put the collar up!