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Gratitude Tuesday :: Tree Hugging

I’ve never hugged a tree in my life. Until yesterday.

As I was leaving the gym, I felt drawn to Griffith Woods, a beautiful forest-y spot with trails located, a short drive from my home. I walked a few minutes into the woods, and discovered this tree.


You know, thinking about hugging a tree, and actually hugging a tree are completely different things, as I discovered. I felt my heart open – it seemed as though I could feel the life force of the tree, or all that came before it that made up the tree. It felt like a connection to the Source, to the Universe, and my tears flowed in gratitude. I know it sounds hokey in writing, but it was a beautiful experience. I love that tree.

Tree hugger. From my project #selflove365

Tree hugger. #selflove365

Gratitude Tuesday: Anam Wholistic Winter Solstice Event

Photograph by Becky Ellacott.

Photograph by Becky Ellacott.

Today I would like to express my gratitude for the event that was put on by my wonderful friend, Lucinda, on December 21, 2012, at the Bowness Community Hall. It was a beautiful night, full of storytelling, singing, chanting, drumming, dancing, laughing, playing and painting! The event raised $6000 for two charities: Mindfulness Without Borders and an organization offering a therapeutic arts program run by the Alberta Children’s Hospital.




During the night, I painted on a canvas which was later given to one lucky raffle ticket winner. I also had a table with my magnets, cards, pins, and paintings for sale. I met so many wonderful people that night, had lots of great chats about painting and creating, and especially enjoyed the company of the children (I was located near the children’s areas!)

Lucinda is planning an even larger event for June; I’m looking forward to it!

Gratitude Tuesday


Today I am grateful for:

1. My friend Eden asked me out for coffee (I’m meeting him after this). It is so rare these days that I am asked out by friends (I usually do the asking), that I am truly honoured, and looking forward to getting to know him better!

2. This comment by Connie on yesterday’s blog post:

“Just so you know, I had never heard of you or seen your art until I saw a preview of the “Journal It” book on another artist’s website I follow. I bought the whole book just so I would have your pages. And I have been following your blog ever since with great interest. Congratulations on publication in the book. It’s a huge accomplishment, and you should take great pride in it.”

I am so touched. Thank you, Connie.

Lori-Ann also posted a wonderful comment:

“Bel, your work is so lively and vibrant and filled with glorious cheer! It has evolved with a calm maturity and brings me joy when I see it. (Even when I don’t comment.) I’m sorry for your moment of not-so-good. I find it hard to move past negative too. I think it’s important to acknowledge it, and let it be a jumping point back to all that is good and right (on a good day. . . ). AND you are in a book!!”

Really, I loved all the comments yesterday, so thank you, everybody.

3. My family is safe and well.

What are you grateful for today?

Gratitude Tuesday

Today I am grateful for:

  • the support I get from my back, my legs, my feet
  • being in good enough shape (I’m referring mainly to my back here) to dance for 7 days straight
  • having the opportunity to dance for 7 days straight (I am grateful to my mother-in-law for picking up the kids and making dinner, and for having the financial means to make this happen)
  • allowing myself to become fully present during dance
  • from yesterday, the qualities I discovered I have within myself: stillness, fun, groundedness, rest, growth, connectedness, playfulness, flexibility, and curiosity.
  • intimate connections on the dance floor
  • touch

Gratitude Tuesday

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Gratitude Tuesday, but it seems appropriate, given that our Thanksgiving weekend has just passed. We spent the weekend in NYC, so we missed out on turkey dinner, but we had lots of other great stuff to make up for that.

I’m grateful for:

Spending the weekend with my husband, my kids, my brother, my sister-in-law, my nephew, and my father.

Riding on the back of a pedicab after seeing “Nice Work if you can get it” with Matthew Broderick!

Great food!

Grimaldi’s pizza in Brooklyn: worth the wait.

Visiting with people we miss.

Breakfast at Sarabeth’s.

Gratitude Tuesday

Today I am grateful for:

Time spent with friends, especially while eating yummy food.

Beautiful landscapes.

Knowing the kids had a great first day at their camp today – especially my son, since he was nervous about going for a whole day. He said it was “awesome”!

Sold paintings (thanks Ma!)!

Gratitude Tuesday

Today, I am grateful for:

  • Movement, and exercise. I love how I can go from feeling awful to feeling great, just by moving.
  • Hearing my daughter say, “Mom, I’m so glad you are my mom.”
  • Warm weather, finally.
  • No schedules.

What are you grateful for?