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Feature Friday: Eden Thompson

I’m not sure how many works of art one needs to buy to be considered a collector, but I have a feeling that I am an official collector of Eden Thompson’s art!

I first met Eden about almost 5 years ago, and fell in love with his work right away. Eden paints and uses collage and layering techniques to achieve his unique look. Plus, he isn’t afraid of colour, which I obviously adore.

These are some of Eden’s pieces that I own (no, not all..!!), in chronological order.





One of the things I love about Eden (apart from being an all-around awesome guy) is how he is constantly trying new things – new techniques, new images, new styles. He is a total inspiration. He recently started making paper portraits, so I asked him to make one of me.

Bel copy

I love it! (isn’t it great??) Looks like I will be getting the rest of the family done, too!

Check out Eden’s work!