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IMG_0638 - Version 2

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. But I have plans for posts that I still haven’t written yet. Now that the children are in school, I am committing to you to be a better blogger! I have been painting, though!

I finished this one today. It went through several stages in a few hours.

Hm, this needs something.
Black, that’s it. Lot’s of black.
Crap, now what?
I think I have forgotten how to paint.
Forget the final outcome, just work in the moment.
OK, that’s coming, but still missing something.
Add red – oh, yeah, that’s it!

I’m calling this one “Allow”. That’s what the painting process is all about, for me. Allowing myself to express whatever is coming up in the moment.

This painting is now available in my etsy shop.

Thank you readers! and…Present: in PINK!

Hi everyone – I know I haven’t been the best blogger lately. To be honest, I’ve been spending a lot more time over at my Facebook page (feel free to join me there, too!) But I still have every intention of getting back to regular blogging.. eventually. In the meantime, to thank you for your support, I would like to offer my lovely blog readers FREE SHIPPING with purchases of over $100, in my Etsy shop, until Saturday, June 1, 2013. Use the coupon code: BLOG0513 to get the discount!

I am finally getting around to putting up new items in my shop! To start, here is a new greeting card, blank inside, with “present” on the image.


To purchase, click here!

Thank you for your support!

Action in the Shop!

I have really been neglecting my Etsy shop for the last several months. Not renewing my listings, not listing new items – poor thing! I have finally given my shop a little action – some new cards are now listed! And I will list more soon – I promise!! Click here to purchase a card.


The painting on the cards is one that I made for a show featuring the work of many Calgary artists. We all used a 2’x 2′ base, and the themes were “music”, “wine”, and “the colour red”. When I first made the painting, I had forgotten the “music” theme, but it seems to have come out anyway; when I posted it to Facebook, I had many people comment that it looked like a rock concert, and they could see guitar frets! We had the show opening at Wine-Ohs in Calgary last week.




New Cards in the Shop!

I love how these new cards turned out! I had them printed at, even though I have to pay extra to have them cross the border – it’s still worth it. If you haven’t checked out moo yet, you should; their products are superb quality, turn out gorgeous every time, and the website is easy to use. Hope you like the new cards!

Painting Progression


This rainbow acrylic painting is available for purchase in my etsy shop.

Everyday Gratitude

I was listening to a parenting podcast today and the topic was how to make gratitude a habit for children. The women spoke about gratitude being a skill that children need to learn, mostly by watching their parents modelling it! I hadn’t really thought about that before, but it sure makes sense. They also spoke about how the more we experience gratitude in our lives, the happier we are. How true!

To this end, I am going to write down things I’m grateful for (I kept a gratitude journal for about a year, over 4 years ago – it’s been awhile!), and start a dinner-table-“What I am grateful for”-thing.

Today, I am grateful for: my health, my family, abundance, the sun shining today, and spring.

New pins in my shop!

For Christmas, my family bought me a button maker! What a great gift! I’ve been making some art especially for the buttons, and some custom designs for other people. There is a woman who sells B.C. apples at our school, and other markets, every week – we call her the “Apple Lady”.  A few months ago, she asked if she could sell my pins at the markets and our school. It turns out that the pins have been a huge hit with some of the kids at our school! Apparently they have become collector’s items, and some parents have even told me how their kids talk about the pins. One boy was so happy to be the first to buy my new design! How cute is that?!

I just started selling pins in my shop! I will also set up a custom design listing, but that may take a little while for me to set that up. In the mean time, you can let me know if you are interested. Here are some of the custom designs I’ve made so far:

The pins are 1 1/2″ diameter. Check out my etsy shop to see the listing for my pinback buttons!

I (should) Trust Myself

I’m starting to get kind of caught up in the lack of sales lately, and what that means. I’d like to get back to the focus on making art, without as much concern about what’s happening at the other end.  My goal is to sell three items a week on etsy. I would love to make this a reality, but it seems that my intentions are a bit weak at the moment. I’m not sure what’s holding me back!

My little guy crawled into bed this morning and was piping hot – he’s got a fever. Poor guy! He was really looking forward to going to a birthday party today. Oh well! I ended up taking my daughters on a long walk (about 40 minutes both ways). We went to a couple shops and I picked up a yogurt maker – looking forward to trying it out! We ended with some sushi and walked back home. It was fun, but we are a bit worn out now. Ok, I am a bit worn out – they still have TONS of energy.


I am officially a twit..

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Blog Feature! I WON the vote!!

For everyone who voted for me on The Handmade Gift Guide – thank you!! It payed off! I won!! Check out the feature, with my card at the top! I already made a sale today. Yippee!!