Flashback Friday: 1989

I really felt like working in a Flashback Friday today because I am super excited to go watch “Breakin’” today with my friend Eden. Granted, it’s from 1984, but hey, the 80’s are the 80’s. Here’s a shot of me from 1989 at Niagra Falls. Fashion of the times: acid-wash jean jacket (ugh!), flood pants, […]


Flashback Friday: 1988

Yes, it’s been awhile since my Flashback Friday posts! When I stopped doing them, several people asked me why I wasn’t doing them anymore- I was really surprised how many people enjoyed them, since I didn’t hear from them at the time. So, here you go, another flashback, to 1988. Here I am with my […]

Flashback Friday: 2004

This is our little family before we ever considered having a third child. The photo was taken in Manchester, England, at my hubby’s brother’s wedding. For our daughters, it was the first of many stints as flower girls! From the music vault: “It’s My Life” by No Doubt. And for those of you who are […]

Flashback Friday: 1994

It was a fun Halloween in 1994, with me as the vampire and J.P. as my female victim. This was during the year that I lived in Vancouver, doing an “unclassified” year at U.B.C., taking art, art history, Italian, and anthropology. A fun school year, aside from the eventual break-up of our relationship in June […]