Faces for Art Battle

I’m training for Art Battle yet again! Today I switched it up a bit and did some faces instead of hearts. I’ve done hearts on all my battle paintings, and I need a change! These are both 20-minute paintings, 16″ x 20″, called “Love me”, and available to purchase either apart or as a set. […]


Training for Art Battle again!

Alberta Regional Finals for Art Battle are coming up this Friday, so I need to put in some training time! Here’s a detail from my first 20-minute painting of the week. My 20-minute paintings will be available for purchase by PWYW (pay-what-you-want) to my email subscribers only, this Wednesday! To get in on the action, […]

Art Battle! …and Art Show!

My brother likes to say, “Art is like football; you either win, or you lose.” I used to laugh, but now he’s right (well, sort of). This Saturday, I am going to be battling it out with 11 other Calgary artists on Art Battle Day. Art battles are going to be held across Canada, with […]

Art Battle 8 (my second)!

I had a great time last night at the 8th Gorilla House Live Art Battle! Many of the regulars were there, and lots of new faces, too. Here’s Bruce; don’t you love his shirt?? I was quite thrilled to walk into the gallery and see my paintings on the wall! Thanks to Elijah for hanging […]