I Create My Life

It’s #tbt! I don’t see any reason to hang on to paintings from the past, so I am going to start posting them as PAY WHAT YOU WANT offers. 
1. Today only, send me a message telling me one thing you do to create your life with intention, or how you are intentionally creative. 

2. Tell me your offer (shipping not included). 

3. I will contact you tomorrow! 
“I create”, 18 x 26 cm, acrylic on paper. 

5 thoughts on “I Create My Life

  1. Catherine Rose

    Hi Belinda, what a lovely and generous offering. I have a lot of practices to help me create and cultivate intention. I use medical MJ to sleep (legally of course) and in my process of drifting, I become more and more aware of my directions, the ones I need to move away from, the ones I need to move towards. I also have a unique morning meditation practice which I am not comfortable posting publicly. My life purposes: creative self expression, living in integrity and loving as much as possible. I found your work online in December and I love it. You are inspiring and I would love to have your work on my wall. Catherine Rose aka inkyslay aka slinky. Offer $30.

    1. belknits Post author

      Hi Catherine!
      Thank you for your lovely response. I enjoyed reading about how you create intention in your life. Something tells me we may have similar morning practices.
      The painting is yours! Please send $35 ($30, plus $5 S/H) to magknit[at]telus[dot]net by PayPal today.
      ❤️ Belinda

  2. Carrie Lynn

    Everyday I remind myself to live in the now, the present, to be here. I was trapped over thinking the past and fearing about the future for a long time that I forgot the now. I am just recently discovering myself -who I am, what is important and how I want to live my life. I chanced upon your blog thru one of the blog’s I was following and instantly fell in love with your art, at how raw and true they are. Apologies I can’t make an offer as of now. We just returned home from an overseas stay and is just picking up the pieces of our lives again. But Im hopeful that one day, I would be hanging one of your artworks.


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