SelfLove365, Year 2, Day 355: Allow


All this is happening.

I worked at 5 am this morning. Allow.

My child is sick. I took her to the doctor today, and then to get an X-ray and medication. Allow.

I messed up the yearly gingerbread recipe by substituting some whole wheat flour for all-purpose (don’t do it!), which makes for structurally unsound gingerbread house dough. I needed to remake the dough but I was out of ginger. Back to the store. Allow.

I cooked dinner while baking cookies and the dishes stacked up. Allow.

When entering the kitchen, I had a huge scare upon seeing my housemate, who I hadn’t seen for days. I collapsed on the floor and burst into laughter, and quickly to tears. Allow.

It’s the holiday season usual stress, I realized I forgot to make latkes for Hanukah, I’m in the last stages of finalizing our separation agreement, I have a new job that’s overwhelming me with feelings of imperfection and shortcomings, I haven’t wrapped my gifts, I miss my boyfriend, and I really, really just want to relax with my children and watch a movie. Allow.

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